It's Flower Power at the Flower Show

It was full-on Flower Power at the 2019 Philadelphia Flower Show this year. Step into the Entrance Garden this year and the design immediately enfolds as the Power of Flowers pulls you further and further into its floral heart…. ➤ Read More

The Heather Garden. Fort Tryon Park

Many visitors to New York City know Central Park. It’s big. It’s beautiful. It’s hard to miss. Manhattan’s Fort Tryon Park, on the other hand, might well be on another planet for its lack of recognition. Yes, even to many New Yorkers. Located along the Hudson River almost at the top of the island….➤ Read More

Holland. Flowering the World. Strolling to the finish line

2017-03-philly-flower-show-409 copy
I overheard some people ask, as they were approaching the Flower Show this year, “How long does it take?” “Well,” came the answer, “You can probably do it all in in three or four hours. But that’s not counting the marketplace.” That estimate’s possibly true but…➤ Read More

Holland. Flowering the World. More! More! More!

2017-03-philly-flower-show-588 copy
Rested? Good. Welcome back. There’s More! More! More! So let’s continue traipsing through the tulip fields at Holland: Flowering the World…➤ Read More

Holland. Flowering the World. The exhibitors

2017-03-philly-flower-show-307 copy
The portal into the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s annual indoor extravaganza of Spring is always a grand theatrical affair that sets the stage for the delights of the show. This year Holland’s Flowering the World and…➤ Read More

Holland. Flowering the 2017 Philly Flower Show

2017-03-philly-flower-show-17 copy
The Philadelphia Flower Show, that rite of spring, always seems to come at the right time to lift my spirits. It doesn’t matter. Long winter, short winter, cold one or mild one, this annual floral production of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society…➤ Read More

Celebrate the Movies! Landscapes, the Sequel

Couldn’t make the Spring Flower Show? Not to worry. After a brief intermission, I’m continuing my tour of this year’s theme, Celebrate the Movies!, with more of the major landscapers and designers that provide so much of the color and excitement. There’s actually an enormous amount of...➤ Read More

Celebrate the Movies! Landscapes

The grand Entrance Garden is spectacular enough but it’s actually the Flower Show’s exceptional cast of exhibitors that makes the annual production such an amazing event. Each year, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society brings together many talented landscapers and designers...➤ Read More

Celebrate the Movies! The 2015 Philly Flower Show

This winter has been hard. Did I say really hard? Yup. Really hard. And reallly cold to boot. Hard and cold. The jet stream wasn’t just shuttling in its normal seasonal delights from Central Canada. That pattern usually looses most of its umph after…➤ Read More

The search for spring

It’s been a long, tiresome winter this year. I’m sure you’ve had enough of it as well. Monday afternoon was finally blue and heavenly. 64 degrees in Central Park. I was really feeling spring in the air...➤ Read More

The fuchsias are coming. But will spring be ready?

Since the depths of January, there hasn’t been much new going on outside. It's been basically the same pattern. Freeze. Snow. Freeze. Snow. Freeze. The over-wintering pots of fuchsias are… well… still impatiently over-wintering and...➤ Read More

ARTiculture. And the coveted Fuchsia Ribbon goes to...

Since the final day of the Philly Flower Show is tomorrow, it’s high time to announce the winner of this year’s Fuchsia Ribbon. That way you still get to see the winning display, If you hurry. This year, the coveted award goes to...➤ Read More

ARTiculture. The Hamilton Horticourt

I always look forward to the plant competitions. A lot. It’s one of my favorite areas of the show and I keep winding back through when I want some down time from the other displays. It’s probably an odd thing for me to say...➤ Read More

ARTiculture. The floral arts

This year’s theme is ARTiculture. Look up the word in the dictionary, you won't find it. Google it, though, and you'll be lead straight to the Philadelphia Flower Show. It’s a unique melding of the world of plants with the world of art...➤ Read More

ARTiculture. A few more gardens

It’s another day so time to continue my stroll though a few more of the many, many creative gardens at ARTiculture. At ten acres of displays there’s a lot of ground to cover. Past the biggest, glitziest entries the smaller efforts...➤ Read More

ARTiculture. Down the rabbit hole and into the show

Once I made it past the huge Calder tribute at the entrance, it was finally down the rabbit hole and into the show. It wasn’t an easy dive because I just wanted to keep doing figure eights and odd twirls...➤ Read More

ARTiculture. The 2014 Philly Flower Show

The Philadelphia Flower Show is the oldest of spring flower exhibitions in the United States, incredibly held annually since 1829. But that’s Phildelphia’s charm. History immediate and accessible...➤ Read More

Punxsutawney Phil sees a shadow

Somewhere in the wilds of western Pennsylvania, far away in an improbable place called Punxsutawney, that celebrated sybil of winter weather named Phil emerged this morning from his cozy, warm burrow...➤ Read More

Summer starts in the spring

The urban fuchsias live in the City. In a small garden. In a small apartment garden. With no greenhouse and precious little space to overwinter plants indoors, lots of them have to be sacrificed to reality...➤ Read More

Planting Fields at Oyster Bay

It’s firmly spring now but just a mere month ago it seemed like winter would never move out. What to do? Visit more conservatory greenhouses, of course! Especially if they hold two of the finest…➤ Read More

Inside the Longwood Orangery

The dazzling floral displays inside the Main Conservatory of Longwood Garden’s huge complex of greenhouses changes seasonally so any visit there is likely to be met with…➤ Read More

A chair! A chair! My kingdom for a chair!

Lucky for me, the Philadelphia Flower Show is just a couple of hours from home so I’ve been able to schedule a visit most years of the past decade and more. It’s been fun to...➤ Read More

Brilliant! The new Hamilton Horticourt

Every year the best and most compelling section of the Philadelphia Flower Show always seems to me to be the simplest one. The PHS Hamilton Horticourt is where…➤ Read More

Brilliant! More exhibits at the Philly Flower Show

There are so many worthwhile exhibits to see every year at the Philadelphia Flower Show. Bring your good hiking shoes. Zigging and zagging back and forth, and back again...➤ Read More

Brilliant! Exhibits from the Philly Flower Show

Beyond this year’s Philadelphia Flower Show’s “Brilliant” theme are again the many creative exhibitors who make the whole event so interesting every year. My personal favorite...➤ Read More

Brilliant! The 2013 Philadelphia Flower Show

“Brilliant!”, this year’s British-themed Philadelphia Flower Show, opened this week and runs from Saturday, March 2nd to Sunday, March 10th, 2013 in the Philadelphia Convention Center…➤ Read More

Spring rises from Texas

Coming back from a late winter’s jaunt to Texas, I took the opportunity to stop off at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden to check for signs of spring. I wasn’t disappointed...➤ Read More

Spring on the High Line

One of the world’s most creatively recycled urban spaces is New York’s High Line. Built on an old elevated freight rail line on Manhattan’s lower West Side, the High Line...➤ Read More