Bursting into the New Year

Like a small explosion of fireworks, a panicle of Fuchsia arborescens flowers bursts brightly from the tip of a branch. Wishing everyone a great start to the coming seasons this New Year’s Day, as well as another fabulous 365 days filled with the wonders and promises of nature...➤ Read More

Between the years

Since well before the holiday last week, the weather’s still been pretty mild here. That’s not really all that unusual. In spite of the plunge in November, the really cold snaps usually have the good sense to wait until the New Year’s...➤ Read More

Merry Christmas!

A very Merry Christmas to everyone from Fuchsias in the City. Wishing you all the peace, joy and happiness of this festive season!

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Festive sidewalks

I walk to work. I mean, I could take a bus if I really wanted to. But I don’t. There’s no point to cramming myself into one at rush hour when I can just walk the same route almost as quickly as a city bus can inch along it...➤ Read More

Pink-a-Boo. Beauty isn't always only skin deep

Beauty isn’t always only skin deep. At least it isn’t at my local farmers market here in Yorkville. Specifically, I’m talking about ‘Pink-a-Boo’. That’s got to be my newest favorite apple. Last time I was extolling all the wonderful apples that appear...➤ Read More

Apples. Farm fresh apples

I love apples. OK, there, I’ve admitted it. Despite their reputation, biting into one doesn’t always mean expulsion from Paradise or the launch of tediously long wars and oddeseys. They’re good. Quite likely my favorite fruit...➤ Read More

Darkness falls so early now

The end of daylight time is only a week past but it seems like much of the world disappeared when the switch was flipped off. Early evening a couple of days ago and Central Park was already mostly abandoned...➤ Read More

Further heraldry of the fuchsia. Dreams of royal realms

For the only other heraldic fuchsia that I know of, you have to go to an island much further afloat than Man. Very much further. Afloat in the South Pacific, in fact. But there, as in Flowers and Heraldry...➤ Read More

More heraldry of the fuchsia. The Isle of Man

Perhaps the most significant heraldic fuchsia grows on the Isle of Man. In the tradition of the great plant badges of the British Isles, such the rose of England or the thistle of Scotland, the fuchsia of hedges...➤ Read More

The heraldry of the fuchsia. Flowers & false starts

I’ve tried and tried to find many. Any at all, even. Despite their great popularity in the greenhouse and the garden from their first introduction into cultivation in England in the 1790s, fuchsias are curiously virtually nonexistent on heraldic shields...➤ Read More

The vireya rhododendrons at Planting Fields

The vireyas are in bloom again and right now is the time to take in their deletable beauty in the Camellia House at Planting Fields Arboretum on Long Island. The Arboretum has a very under-appreciated bevy of vireya species and cultivars....➤ Read More

The fuchsias are coming. But will spring be ready?

Since the depths of January, there hasn’t been much new going on outside. It's been basically the same pattern. Freeze. Snow. Freeze. Snow. Freeze. The over-wintering pots of fuchsias are… well… still impatiently over-wintering and...➤ Read More

The search for spring

It’s been a long, tiresome winter this year. I’m sure you’ve had enough of it as well. Monday afternoon was finally blue and heavenly. 64 degrees in Central Park. I was really feeling spring in the air...➤ Read More

ARTiculture. And the coveted Fuchsia Ribbon goes to...

Since the final day of the Philly Flower Show is tomorrow, it’s high time to announce the winner of this year’s Fuchsia Ribbon. That way you still get to see the winning display, If you hurry. This year, the coveted award goes to...➤ Read More

ARTiculture. The Hamilton Horticourt

I always look forward to the plant competitions. A lot. It’s one of my favorite areas of the show and I keep winding back through when I want some down time from the other displays. It’s probably an odd thing for me to say...➤ Read More

ARTiculture. A few more gardens

It’s another day so time to continue my stroll though a few more of the many, many creative gardens at ARTiculture. At ten acres of displays there’s a lot of ground to cover. Past the biggest, glitziest entries the smaller efforts...➤ Read More

ARTiculture. The floral arts

This year’s theme is ARTiculture. Look up the word in the dictionary, you won't find it. Google it, though, and you'll be lead straight to the Philadelphia Flower Show. It’s a unique melding of the world of plants with the world of art...➤ Read More

ARTiculture. Down the rabbit hole and into the show

Once I made it past the huge Calder tribute at the entrance, it was finally down the rabbit hole and into the show. It wasn’t an easy dive because I just wanted to keep doing figure eights and odd twirls...➤ Read More

ARTiculture. The 2014 Philly Flower Show

The Philadelphia Flower Show is the oldest of spring flower exhibitions in the United States, incredibly held annually since 1829. But that’s Phildelphia’s charm. History immediate and accessible...➤ Read More

The indomitable spirit of the fuchsia

It seems like this winter just won’t end. Snow, snow, freezing polar vortices, and then more snow. Just when I thought we had finally rounded the frozen bend this past week, the temperatures are scheduled to drop...➤ Read More

Prisoners of the snow

The Garden remains encased in snow but my windmill palm seeds finally arrived in the mail. I’ve been coveting Trachycarpus fortunei ‘Wagnerianus’ for a while. This was even my second attempt to get my hands...➤ Read More

Punxsutawney Phil sees a shadow

Somewhere in the wilds of western Pennsylvania, far away in an improbable place called Punxsutawney, that celebrated sybil of winter weather named Phil emerged this morning from his cozy, warm burrow...➤ Read More

Happy birthday, Leonhart Fuchs

My, how times flies. That eminent botanist, Leonhart Fuchs, turns five hundred and thirteen today. He was, in case you’ve been distracted the whole long time, the German physician, botanist and professor after whom the genus Fuchsia...➤ Read More

For the new year, an old fuchsia. Fuchsia antiqua sp. nov.

I have some good news to share with ardent fuchsiaphiles everywhere. Other botany and horticulture nuts as well. Heck, with everybody. I’m having a hard time keeping my excitement in check...➤ Read More

P.S. And then the snow finally arrived

That foreboding winter storm, incongruously identified with Hercules, finally arrived late Friday night. I would have preferred calling it after Ganglati, servant to goddess of the frozen northern underworld, Hel, but...➤ Read More

Happy New Year! It's into the freeze now

I woke this new morning to find a beautiful dusting of snow covering the garden, like powdered sugar on a spice cake. We’re off to a fine start for the New Year! Except that there’s already six to eight inches of snow...➤ Read More