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Buying Fuchsias Around the World
But where, oh where, can I get some fuchsias of my own? Would you believe, even in India?
In the beginning of your time with fuchsias, you often find a plant or two—or maybe even three—at almost any good nursery. Even a lot of box stores. That's great. At some point, you want more. Want different. Maybe you've seen the possibilities of hardy fuchsias in someone's garden? Or an unusual plant in someone's greenhouse? Of course, other gardeners will often happily share their own with you. New fuchsias are easy enough to start from cuttings.
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But what if you find yourself wanting a specific plant no one you know has. You know, that beautiful fuchsia that catches your eye from a magazine centerfold? Where do you get
that one?

It might take a real bit of detective work to track an elusive target down. In case you haven't noticed, search engines are often not exactly the most brilliant bulbs illuminating the web. Need "fuschia" pumps and panties? "Google's got 'em." Want some
real fuchsia flowers? "Welcome to Amazon. We have all your >FUCHSIAS< needs covered." Not quite helpful.

I think Odysseus might have found himself an easier way home via Google, than it is to find the right fuchsia that way on the internet.

To make the search for the real thing just a little bit easier, I’ve listed specialist nurseries or other sources with significant offerings. The world over. Of course, the hardest part is realizing that that special plant for which you've really, really been searching the known universe probably won't be allowed to travel from one intergalactic jurisdiction to another. Sigh.

Got a personal favorite source in a corner of this planet I’ve missed? Let me know and I'll add it to the list. I'm sure there are a lot more out there than my collection. It's a wide, wide world after all, You'll find the Contact Form located under the Welcome Menu.

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= mail order
= no mail order
= no website
= email on website
? = unverified
= out of business

United States
Mail order (USA)

Mail order with a selection of some fuchsias (USA)

Non-mail order (USA)

Whatever happened to…? (USA)
  • Fry Road Nursery (Albany, Ore.) The nursery was closed in Fall 2015.
  • Fuchsiarama (Fort Bragg, Calif.) The nursery closed in 2010.
  • Michael’s Fuchsias Galore
    Once headquartered at Alladin's Nursery, Watsonville, Calif. There was no on-line presence but Fuchsias Galore’s extensive printed list of fuchsias could be ordered by phone or mail. Retired in Sept 2017, his fuchsias were to be offered by Pedrick’s Corner but that deal was blocked by Alladin's Nursery.
  • Monnier’s Country Gardens (Ore.)
    Nursery closed in 2009.
    Many of Ron Monnier’s fuchsia cultivars, which all start with the tag ‘Debron’s’, are available elsewhere. See visit to Monnier's.
And around the world arranged alphabetically by country


= mail order
= no mail order
= no website
= email on website
? = unverified
= out of business

  • Arcadian Fuchsias (Arcadia, N.S.W. 2159)
  • Brenlissa Fuchsia Nursery (862 Midland Hwy, Mt. Rowan, Vic. 3352; 04 3839 3578)
  • Cascades Nursery (1Fosters Rd, Batlow, N.S.W.; 02 6949 1268)
  • Chez’em Fuchsia Nursery (Revesby N.S.W. 2212)
  • Fuchsia Fantasy (75 Lillico Rd, Lillico, Tas.)
  • Fuchsias & More (Trafalgar, Vic. 3824, 03 5633 1354)
  • Jarrahdale Basket Nursery (452 Jarrahdale Rd, Jarrahdale, W.A. 6124)
  • Mason's Fuchsia Fantasy (75 Lilllico Road, Devonport, Tasmania, 0364 282 348) Facebook
  • Ridgewood Park Fuchsia Nursery (Mainridge, Vic. 3928)
  • Rose & Fuchsia Farm (33 Rankins Rd, Trafalgar, Vic. 3824. Gippsland; 03 5633 1354)
  • Walkers Fuchsias (127 Highland Rd, Yangoona, N.S.W.; 02 9709 4819)
  • Weald View Gardens (Main Lobethal Rd, Ashton. S.A. 5137; 8390 1223)
  • Yadina Fuchsia Nursery (Yarrabat, Vic. 3091)
Austria (Österreich)
Belgium (Belgie / Belgique)
Czech Republic (Česko)
Denmark (Danmark)
  • Fuchsia Finder - Database of cultivars reporting 15,000 entries, many with photo. Descriptions mostly lacking. "Find Cultivars in Nurseries" search for locating about 7000 for sale in about 30 nurseries in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Holland and the United Kingdom. No species.
Germany (Deutschland)

Whatever happened to…? (Germany)
  • Blumen Wenzel (Vacherstr. 81, 90766 Fürth; 0 9 11/73 15 92) - Now a general nursery that no longer specializes in fuchsias.
  • Friesengarten Ihlow [ehm. Gärtnerei Kuhlmann] (Plaggefelder Straße 8, 26632 Ihlow) [Eingestellt / Defunct Jan. 2012]
  • Pflanzenparadies Angelika Fuhrmann (Marienburgstr. 16, 86179 Augsburg-Haunstetten; 0 8 21/88 31 93) - This source is reported closed in March of 2015.
Iceland (Ísland)
India (भारत)
Italy (Italia)
Japan (日本)
Netherlands (Nederland)

Whatever happened to…? (Netherlands)
  • Kwekerij Spek
New Zealand
  • Coulter’s Nursery (St. Albans, Christchurch City)
  • Fuchsias (Waverly, South Taranaki 5182)
  • Maidstone Nursery (Otaki North)
  • Parva Plants (Hornby, Christchurch)
  • Treeway Nurseries (New Plymouth)
Poland (Polska)
Russia (Россия)
Slovakia (Slovensko)
South Africa (Suid-Afrika)
  • Lady Beth Fuchsia Nursery (Fourways, 2055 Johannesburg) . The nursery was closed in 2017 as the owner has moved to Scotland.
Spain (España)
  • Viveros Villor (Viveros Lloso del Rio, Santa Rosa, S/N, 33690 Llanera)
Sweden (Sverige)
Switzerland (Schweiz / Suisse / Svizzera / Svizra)
Taiwan / Republic of China (台灣)
United Kingdom

Whatever happened to…? (UK)
  • Kathleen Muncaster Fuchsias (Morton UK) The nursery is now closed as the owner has retired.
  • Lincolnshire Fuchsia World (Old Leake, Boston, Lincolns.) The website no longer up in 2017. The nursery appears to have gone out of business.
  • M R Nurseries (Bridgwater, Somerset) Nursery appears to have closed.
  • The Fuchsia Centre (Nr Reston, Berwichshire, Scotland)

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