Fuchias in the City
Care & Culture—A Guide to Growing Fuchsias
OK. I got one at the corner deli. Now what do I do?

Fuchsias are surprisingly easy to grow in a lot of places. Like most of us, just give them what they need and they’ll flourish. Hopefully some of these articles can help you do just that. Of course, there's a slight twist to my recipes. The fuchsias on my site are urban and my garden isn't surrounded by lawns but by tall city buildings.

But don't be fooled by the exotic location. A fuchsia, after all, is still a fuchsia whether its growing in the British Isles, Poland, Brazil, New Zealand, South Africa, Malaysia... or Manhattan. With a little tweaking for local conditions, the basic requirements remain the same. It's not possible to grow fuchsias everywhere. In spite of their flexibility some spots are still too hot and dry or, more often, too hot and way too humid.

And even then, you needn't fully give up hope. Success stories have been had even in New Orleans, Louisiana, where one dedicated grower simply flipped the seasons by flowering his fuchsias in winter and forcing them into dormancy during the legendarily humid and languid days of summer in bayou country. So if you live in an unlikely place or small space like Hortulus Fuchsiarum, and you can generally give them the conditions they like, I hope you're encouraged to try.

"Choosing Potting Soils & Mixes," Siting & Climate " and "Watering & Feeding," the first three chapters of
Fuchsias in the City: A Guide to the Care & Culture of the Fuchsia, are up and posted. I've also just added "Pests & Diseases". Other chapters are in progress and will be published soon. Like an old-fashioned serial, you can check back for the next installment.
Chapter I
Siting & Climate
Chapter III
Propagating & Potting Up
Chapter IV
Growing On
Chapter V
Watering & Feeding
Chapter VI
Pinching & Shaping
Chapter VII
Special Shapes
Chapter VIII
Chapter IX
Bedding Out
Chapter X
Hardy Fuchsias
Chapter XI
Fuchsia Species
Chapter XII
Pests & Diseases