The search for spring

It’s been a long, tiresome winter this year. I’m sure you’ve had enough of it as well. Too cold. Too snowy. Too wet in some places. Too dry in others. Time for it all to be over. Monday afternoon was finally blue and heavenly here. 64˚ F (18˚ C) in Central Park. I was really feeling spring in the air so I decided to go looking to see if Central Park was feeling it today as well...


Cleopatra’s Needle.


Scored a sign right off. Nothing spells spring more reliably than witch-hazels in Central Park.


The Park’s hellebores are starting their push-ups for spring training as well.


Snowdrops are popping up all over all well. Spring's almost official. Now I just need some aconites...


Well... They are yellow. But they’re not exactly what I had in mind when I said aconites.


Here we go. Aconites spotted. It's official. Spring has come back to the City!


Another sure sign of spring are the Park’s hard-core twitchers waiting for something interesting to migrate by.


Above, Spring flowers are popping all over but some strollers seem impatient to pop out all over as well.
Below, Taking in the view south from the Ramble.