Spring on the High Line

One of the world’s most creatively recycled urban spaces is New York’s High Line. Built on an old elevated freight rail line in lower Manhattan on the West Side, the High Line is a popular city park that currently stretches for over a mile from Gansevoort to West 30th Street. Originally conceived by local residents when the historic but abandoned structure was under the threat of demolition in 1999, the first two segments are now complete and work on the third will commence in June 2012. This last addition will extend the park all the way to 34th Street when it’s finally finished. A warm sunny afternoon this week seemed the perfect time to see how spring has sprung atop the High Line.

2012-04-03 High Line 02
A lot of other people also seemed to have had the same idea. I did manage
to get a few good clear shots of serenity. Well, almost. The shadows know…

The light shade cast by the emerging flowers of the High Line’s trees dapples across
the criss-crossed rails. The redbud on the left is an interesting exclamation of contrasting color.

The clusters of flowers on its stems aren’t quite open yet, though.

Daffodils and emerging grasses and wild flowers fill other spaces between the rails.

Tulips just seem to love it up here. They must think they’re back home in Anatolia.

I just love the exuberant flashes of yellow that seem to smile from the inside of these flowers.

Plants on the High Line were often selected to take
the heat and drought of the park’s exposed stretches.

You wouldn’t think it, given the cool white beauty of these birches,
but I suspect they’re quite tolerant of the High Lines conditions

More drifts of tulips line the walk. These are pink and cream with hints of yellow.

Sorry. No cultivar names. There are no labels on these guys that I can see.

2012-04-03 High Line 42
It’s a long promenade along the High Line but eventually
the City starts to come back into focus at the sides. Sigh

Hey, hey, hey. Quit trying to hone in on the action here, guys.
WE’RE the lucky ones up here!