Fuchias in the City
Collections and Botanical Gardens
Where are the world's great fuchsia collections being shown? New York? Paris? Milan?

Unless the climate is the consistently hot and humid one that fuchsias can't endure for long, many botanical gardens will often have a fuchsia or two. Or maybe even a few more than that. Some gardens, however, are especially noted for their collections of dozens or even hundreds of fuchsias. Other fuchsias might be located in gardens in highly unusual or unexpected places. If the winter climate is favorable, many of the hardies might find a permanent home outdoors. Otherwise, their fuchsias might be under glass for the coldest months of the year and luxuriating outdoors for the summer. I haven't been able to get to all the fuchsia collections of the world. Yet. [Sigh] In the meantime... if you know of an exceptional fuchsia garden or location that's missing from this list please do let me know. Also, don't miss the slideshows of personal visits to some of these gardens.  Botanical Garden Visits.
Continued alphabetically by country:
Czech Republic (Česko)
Denmark (Danmark)
Hong Kong (香港)
Ireland (Eire)
Japan (日本)
Sri Lanka (ශ්‍රී ලංකා / இலங்கை)

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