Julian A. Steyermark

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Venezualian-American botanist, Julian Alfred Steyermark was born today on Jan. 27, 1909. His long career included the Field Museum of Chicago, the Jardín Botánico de Caracas of the Universidad Central of Venezuela and….➤ Read More

Alfred Russell Wallace

Happy 200th Birthday to Alfred Russell Wallace! One of the most brilliant scientists of the nineteenth century, Wallace (Jan. 8, 1823 - Nov. 7 1913) was a British naturalist, explorer, geographer, anthropologist and biologist, as well as a social activist and proponent of social and economic reform. Wallace quite independently….➤ Read More

The Twelve Days of Christmas 2022

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That’s it for the season. Some fold up the festivities early but it ain’t really over until the Three Kings sing. So thanks for singing along to The Twelve Fuchsias of Christmas again this year, Hope you had a joyful Christmas and a Happy New Year. May your gardens flourish in 2023!➤ Read More