Saint Fiacre

Saint Fiacre.
Saint Fiacre is a seventh-century Irish hermit and holy man who moved to Breuil, France (now called Saint-Fiacre) to escape the bothersome crowds increasingly drawn to him….➤ Read More

Dreams of August

Ever try to respond to a comment on social media and you just can’t find it can’t find it can’t find only to have it eventually dawn on you that it was posted on the competition and….➤ Read More

Gregor Mendel and his fuchsias

The future Father of Genetics was born into a poor, but stolid old family of Moravian German famers on July 20, 1822. At Heizendorf bei Odrau in Moravian Silesia. At the time the little farming village was part of the vast and unwieldy Austro-Hungarian Empire but….➤ Read More

The Fuchsia Spotlight. Campo Thilco

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What’s flowering at The Fuchsietum? Fuchsia 'Campo Thilco'. This hybrid is resistant to the ravages of the Brazilian fuchsia gall mite, Auculops fuchsiae, as well as fuchsia rust (Pucciniastrum epilobii)….➤ Read More

Domenico Vandelli

Happy Birthday to Domenico Vandelli who was born July 8, 1735 in Padua. Vandelli was a noted Italian naturalist and botanist, originally from Padua, who worked primarily in Portugal. On the recommendation of Linnaeus, he was brought to Lisbon in 1764 by the great Portuguese reformer….➤ Read More

Julian A. Steyermark

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Venezualian-American botanist, Julian Alfred Steyermark was born today on Jan. 27, 1909. His long career included the Field Museum of Chicago, the Jardín Botánico de Caracas of the Universidad Central of Venezuela and….➤ Read More

Alfred Russell Wallace

Happy 200th Birthday to Alfred Russell Wallace! One of the most brilliant scientists of the nineteenth century, Wallace (Jan. 8, 1823 - Nov. 7 1913) was a British naturalist, explorer, geographer, anthropologist and biologist, as well as a social activist and proponent of social and economic reform. Wallace quite independently….➤ Read More

The Twelve Days of Christmas 2022

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That’s it for the season. Some fold up the festivities early but it ain’t really over until the Three Kings sing. So thanks for singing along to The Twelve Fuchsias of Christmas again this year, Hope you had a joyful Christmas and a Happy New Year. May your gardens flourish in 2023!➤ Read More