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Who else has this addiction and where can I get help?
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The first horticultural group specifically dedicated to the fuchsia was founded in California in 1929. The same year, in fact, that the first Oscar was given out at the first Academy Award ceremony. Like the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the American Fuchsia Society continues strongly

The AFS meetings, though, are slightly lower keyed so you probably won’t find quite as many paparazzi on the fuchsia carpet as on the red. But only slightly. Trust me. The Parade of Fuchsias at a convention would make Meryl Streep weep dramatically with jealousy. And she’s good at that. She may have a couple of Oscars but she does NOT have an award for the Best Fuchsia in Show.

Abut a decade later, the United Kingdom followed suit with the British Fuchsia Society in 1938. Since then, quite a number of fuchsia societies have popped up all over the world. This means that there’s probably help for you no matter in what corner of it you happen to have become addicted to fuchsias. Where there are a number of groups in a country, the major national societies are marked with two stars. Smaller local groups, mostly under the umbrella of these national societies, are marked with a single star to indicate that they have their own websites.

In these days of the internet, many specialized horticultural organizations are struggling for membership. Sadly, both the Swedish Fuchsia Society and the Australian Fuchsia Society have recently been forced to fold. So don’t shy away. Join one. Join several! Gardening, with fuchsias or otherwise, can’t be done in a vacuum. Nothing still beats the personal fellowship and the real treasures of experience and expertise of other gardeners who share your interest.

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Austria (Österreich)

Landesgruppen of the Österreichische Gartenbau-Gesellschaft

  • Burgenland
  • Steiermark
  • Oberösterreich
  • Steiermark – Fuchsienfreunde
  • Wien-Niederösterreich-Burgenland - Fuchsienfreunde
Belgium (Belgie / Belgique / Belgien)
Germany (Deutschland)

This is a large decentralized society that consists of number of local
 Fuchsien-Freundeskreise (Fuchsia Friends Circles). These are listed below.

  • Berlin
  • Berlin-Brandenburg
  • Bodensee
  • Chiemgau
  • Dortmund
  • Fuchsienfreunde Emsland
  • Fuchsienfreunde im Internet
  • Fuchsienfreunde in Südtirol
  • Grenzland
  • Göttingen-Kassel
  • Hamburg
  • HannoverHarz
  • Leonberg
  • Main-Kinzig
  • München
  • Münsterland
  • Niederbayern
  • Nürnberg und Umgebung
  • Ostfriesland
  • Rhein-Ruhr
  • Saar-Pfalz
  • Sachsen
  • Sauerland
  • Siegerland
  • Süd
  • Südbaden
  • Südhessen
  • Thüringen
  • Wemding
  • Westfalen Nord
  • Wuppertal
  • Zwischen Elbe und Wesermündung
International & the Internet
Netherlands (Nederland)
Branches of the Nederlandse Kring van Fuchsiavrienden

Legend    = Greater national groups with websites    = Own website    = Email    = Facebook    = Defunct

Norway (Norge)
Poland (Polska)
These societies are all affiliated with the British Fuchsia Society.
Sweden (Sverige)
  • Svenska Fuchsiasaellskapet
    Dissolved in December 2010.
Switzerland (Schweiz / Suisse /Svizzera / Svizra)

Legend    = Greater national groups with websites    = Own website    = Email    = Facebook    = Defunct

United Kingdom

The following societies are all affiliated with the British Fuchsia Society.

  • Ainsdale Horticultural Society (NW)
  • Andover Gardening Club (SC)
  • Ascot Horicultural Society (SC)
  • Ashtead & Dorking Fuchsia Group (L&SE)
  • Ayreshire Fuchsia & Geranium Society (Scotland)
  • Barnet & District Fuchsia & Pelargonium Society (L&SE)
  • Barnsley Fuchsia & Geranium Society (NE)
  • Beds & Herts Fuchsia Society
  • Birmingham & District Fuchsia Society
  • Black Country Fuchsia Society (WM) Facebook
  • Bournemouth & Poole Fuchsia Society (SC)
  • Bridgend & District Fuchsia Society (Wales)
  • Bristol Fuchsia & Geranium Society
  • Brixlham Fuchsia & Geranium Group (SW)
  • Brixham Horticultural Society (SW)
  • Busby & Clarkston Horticultural Society (Scotland)
  • Bute Fuchsia Society (Scotland)
  • California Gardeners Club (SC)
  • Camborne & Redruth Fuchsia Society (SW)
  • Cannington & District Fuchsia & Pelargonium Society (SW)
  • Cardiff Fuchsia Group (Wales)
  • Caterham & District Horticultural Society (L&SE)
  • Central Scotland Fuchsia Society (Scotland)
  • Cheadle Hulme Flower Show Society (NW)
  • Cheam & Cuddington Horticultural Society (L&SE)
  • Chelmsford & District Fuchsia Society (EA)
  • Chertsey Agricultural Association (L&SE)
  • Chester & District Fuchsia Society (NW)
  • Chestnut Horticultural Society (L&SE)
  • Chingford Horticultural Society (L&SE)
  • Chorley & District Gardening Society (NW)
  • City of Ely Horticultural Society (EA)
  • City of Stoke Fuchsia Society (WM)
  • Clacton & District Fuchsia Society (EA)
  • Clutton Horticultural Society (SW)
  • Colchester & District Fuchsia Society (EA) Facebook
  • Congelton & District Horticultural Society (NW)
  • Cotswold Fuchsia & Pelargonium Society (SW)
  • Crawley Horticultural Society (SC)
  • Craven District Fuchsia & Geranium Society (NE)
  • Cymdeithas Ffiwsia a Geranium Mona (Wales)
  • Denmed Horticultural Society (SC)
  • Derby & District Fuchsia & Gardening Club (EM)
  • Dinnington & District Horticultural Society (NE)
  • Dovercourt Fuchsia Society (EA) Facebook
  • Downham Market & Disrict Horticultural Society (EA)
  • Dunvant Horticultural society (wales)
  • Dumfries & Galloway Fuchsia Society (Scotland)
  • Durham & Northumberland Fuchsia Society (NE)
  • East Anglian Fuchsia Fellowship (EA)
  • East Preston & kingston Horticultural Society (SC)
  • East Sussex Fuchsia & Pelargonium Society (L&SE)
  • East Yorkshire Fuchsia Society (NE)
  • Elm Park Horticultural Guild (EA)
  • Elmsworth Horticultural Society (SC)
  • Edenbridge & Oxted Agricultural Society (L&SE)
  • Edenbridge Fuchsia & Pelargonium Society (L&SE)
  • Enfield & District Fuchsia Society (L&SE)
  • Exeter & District Fuchsia & Garden Society (SW)
  • Falconwood & district Horticultural Society (L&SE)
  • Felixtowne & District Fuchsia Society (EA)
  • Fleet Horticultural Society (SC)
  • Fife Fuchsia Society
  • Fowey & District Fuchsia & Garden Society
  • Fuchsia Friends (WM)
  • Fylde Fuchsia Society
  • Gillingham & Dstrict Fuchsia & Pelargonium Society (L&SE)
  • Glasgow & District Fuchsia Society
  • Gorleston & District Horticultural Society (EA)
  • Great Badow Horticultural Society (EA)
  • Guild of Baddow Horticultural Society (EA)
  • Guild of Bentwood Gardeners (L&SE)
  • Guildford Fuchsia Group
  • Gwent Fuchsia & Pelargonium Society (Wales)
  • Harrow Fuchsia society (L&SE)
  • Hartlepool & District Fuchsia & Pelargonium Society (NE)
  • Havant & District Fuchsia Club (SC)
  • Heald Green & Disrrict Horticultural Society (NW)
  • Headley Horticultural Society (SC)
  • Hemel Hempstead & District Fuchsia Society (EA)
  • Hereford & Districh Fuchsia Society (WM)
  • Hildenborough Gardeners Society (L&SE)
  • Huddersfield & Distreict Fuchsia Society (NE)
  • Ingleton Horticultural Association (NW)
  • Inverness & District Fuchsia Society (Scotland)
  • Isle of Wright Fuchsia Society
  • Jacobs Well Horticultural Society (L&SE)
  • Irish Fuchsia Society (NI)
  • Kettering & Distruct Fuchsia Society (EM)
  • Kidderminster Horticultural Society (WM)
  • Kidlington Gardening Society (WM)
  • Kingsley & Moorland Fuchsia & Geranium Society
  • Lakeland Rose Show - Fuchsia Section (NW)
  • Lancaster, Morecambe & District Fuchsia Society
  • Leigh on Sea Horticultural Society (EA)
  • Leistershire Fuchsia Society (EM)
  • Letchwood Allotments & Horticultural Association (EA)
  • Leyland Gardening Society (NW)
  • Lincoln & District Fuchsia Society
  • Lindfield Horticultural Scoety (SC)
  • Livingston & District Horticultural Society (Scotland)
  • Long Eaton & District HorticulturalSociety (EM)
  • Maghull Horticultural & Gardening Club (NW)
  • Market Harborough Gardening Club (EM)
  • Manchester Fuchsia Society
  • Merseyside Fuchsia Group (NW)
  • Mid Kent Fuchsia Group (L&SE)
  • Milnthorp Allotment Association (NW)
  • Mynydd Isa & District Fuchsia & Pelargonium Society (Wales)
  • New Forest Fuchsia Society
  • Newton PArk Horticultural Society (L&SE)
  • Newton Stewart & District Horticultural Society (Scotland)
  • Newton-Le-Willows Gardening Association (NW)
  • Norfolk & Norwich Horticultural Society (EA)
  • Northampton & Distrcit Fuchsia Society (EM)
  • North Devon Fuchsia Society (SW)
  • North Romford Fuchsia Society
  • North Tonbridge Horticultural Society (L&SE)
  • North Worcestershire Fuchsia Society
  • Northumberland Fuchsia Society (NE)
  • North Worcestershire Fuchsia Society (WM)
  • Nottingham & Notts Fuchsia Society (EM)
  • Perth & District Fuchsia Group
  • Peterborough & District Fuchai & Pelargonium Society (EA)
  • Pirbright Horticultural Society (L&SE)
  • Plympton Fuchsia & Geranium Group (SW)
  • Rainham Horticultural Society (EA)
  • Ramsey Horticultural Society (IM)
  • Reading & District Fuchsia Society (SC)
  • Rickmansworth Horticultural Society (L&SE)
  • Rivenhall Gardening Club (EA)
  • Rochford & District Fuchsia Society (EA)
  • Rotheram Fuchsia Society (NE)
  • Royal Jersey Agricultural & Horticultural Society (CI)
  • Rutington Horticultural Society (SC)
  • Salford & Bolton Fuchsia Society
  • Stafford & District Fuchsia Society
  • Sutton Coldfield Fuchsia Society
  • Sanderstead Horticultural Society (L&SE)
  • Scarborough & District Fuchsia & Flower Society (NE)
  • Scarborough Horticultural Society (NE)
  • Shepway Fuchsia & Pelargonium Group (L&SE)
  • Shipdham & District Fuchsia Society (EA)
  • Shropshire Fuchsia Society (WM)
  • Shoreham by Sea Horticultural & Allotment Society (SC)
  • Shooters HillFuchsia Society (L&SE)
  • Solent Fuchsia Club
  • Solway & Hadrian Fuchsia Group
  • Somerset Fuchsia & Geranium Group
  • South Devon Fuchsia & Pelargonium Society (SW)
  • Southdown Fuchsia Society (L&SE)
  • South East Essex Fuchsia Fellowship (EA)
  • South East Scotland Fuchsia Society
  • South Reading Fuchsia & Pelargonium Group (SC)
  • Stevenage Fuchsia Society (EA)
  • Sudbury & District Horticultural Society (EA)
  • Thames Valley Horticultural Society (L&SE)
  • Thanet Fuchsia Group (L&SE)
  • Timperley Horticultural Society (NW)
  • North West Fuchsia Societies (NW)
  • Wakefield Fuchsia & Geranium Society (NE)
  • Wallsall Fuchsia & Flower Society (WM)
  • Waltham Forest Fuchsia, Pelargonium & Hortl Society
  • Warminster & District Fuchsia Society (SW)
  • Washington & District Fuchsia Society
  • Wellingborough & District Horticultural Society (EM)
  • West Cumbria Fuchsia Society (NW)
  • West Glamorgan Fuchsia & Pelargonium Society (Wales)
  • West Lothian Fuchsia Society (Scotland)
  • West Yorkshire Fuchsia Society
  • Wessex Fuchsia Group (SW)
  • Weybridge Fuchsia & Pelargonium Society (L&SE)
  • Wiggan & Districts Fuchsia Society (NW)
  • Wimborne Horticultural Society (SC)
  • Windsor & Slough Chrysanthemum, Fuchsia & Pelargonium Society (L&SE)
  • Winslow Garden Society (L&SE)
  • Wisbech & District Fuchsia & Pelargonium Society (EA)
  • Woodham & New Haw Horticultural Society (L&SE)
  • Worksop Horticultural Society (EM)
  • Worsley Horticultural Society (NW)
  • Wrexham & District Fuchsias & Geranium Society (Wales)

Legend    = Greater national groups with websites    = Own website    = Email    = Facebook    = Defunct

United States
American Fuchsia Society

Branches of the American Fuchsia Society

Northwest Fuchsia Society

Members of the Northwest Fuchsia Society

  • Eastside Fuchsia Society (WA)
  • Fuchsia Fanciers (WA)
  • Greater Seattle Fuchsia Society (WA)
  • Lakebay Fuchsia Society (WA)
  • North Cascades Fuchsia Society (WA)
  • North Olympic Fuchsia Society (WA)
  • Olympia Fuchsia Society (WA)
  • Peninsula Fuchsia Society (WA)
  • Pilchuk Fuchsia Society (WA)
  • Puget Sound Fuchsia Society (WA)
  • Puyallup Fuchsia Society (WA)
  • Sno-King Fuchsia Society (WA) Facebook
  • Tahoma Fuchsia Society (WA)

Affiliated Members of the Northwest Fuchsia Society

Other Societies in the United States
Defunct Groups
  • Australian Fuchsia Society. Dissolved in late 2012. [1]
  • Fuchsia Research International (UK). Defunct 2008. [2]
  • Fuchsia Species Conservation Alliance (UK). Defunct Jan 2013. [3]
  • National Fuchsia Society (US). Defunct. [4]
  • Svenska Fuchsiasaellskapet. (Sweden). Defunct Dec 2010. [5]
[1] Founded in 1970, the Australian Fuchsia Society sadly announced on its  website that, after forty-two years of service, "Unfortunately due to the bad health of many members and falling numbers of people attending monthly meetings, the AFS was disbanded in late 2012." The AFS's website continues to function for the moment, however, as an archive.

[2] FRI was sadly dissolved in December, 2008 but the website was left active until the middle of 2010. It now belongs to a Japanese internet dating service of all things! The National Collection of Fuchsia Species formerly under its care was moved from Margham Park to the
Arboretum de Chèvreloup at Versailles. There is, unfortunately, almost no information on the  Arboretum website on this important fuchsia species collection for visitors from the WWW. Some information seems to be located at  Maison des Fuchias, however.

[3] Dave Green, the founder of the Fuchsia Species Conservation Alliance (F.U.S.C.A.), died suddenly in January, 2013. As he was the seemingly single driving force behind this new group, it is now in abeyance, if not defunct. Its Facebook page, however, remains a muted testimonial to Dave's vision.

[4] The National Fuchsia Society is survived by a thriving branch, the South Coast Fuchsia Society, which meets and also maintains a fuchsia display garden at the South Coast Botanical Garden in Los Angeles.

[5] In early 2010, Euro-Fuchsia first reported on its members page that the SFS would apparently be dissolving itself in December of that year.
 Euro-Fuchsia. The SFS did, in fact, dissolve. Their website was still functioning until the beginning of 2012, to serve archival materials, but it's now down. It's a very sad loss and underscores the importance of joining and supporting a local or national plant society, especially in the age of the internet. Member Kenneth Nielssen's personal website Fuchsias from Stockholm also once supported the SFS. His site is no longer being updated but was still being maintained on the internet for archival purposes. As of January 2013, however, its pages are also no longer accessible.

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