Holland. Flowering the World. The exhibitors

The portal into the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s annual indoor extravaganza of Spring is always a grand theatrical affair that sets the stage for the delights of the show. This year Holland’s Flowering the World and the hall is filled with references to the Dutch landscape, from its canals to its windmills to the seemingly endless kaleidoscope of its tulip fields in bloom. And Dutch culture and food. Can we say, beer and Bitterballen? All best taken in by bicycle, of course. It also showcases the country’s powerful and influential modern flower and plant industry. Pass the Entrance Garden and you’ll be delighted by the work of the many exhibitors pulling together the various elements of Holland in their vibrant designs. Along with many locals, be on the lookout for the extraordinary floral talents of some of the Netherlands’ leading contemporary designers, such as Nico Wissing, Bart Hoes, Carrie Preston and Bart Bresser. So let’s grab a bike and ride on into the show!

2017-03-philly-flower-show-46 2017-03-philly-flower-show-42

2017-03-philly-flower-show-49 2017-03-philly-flower-show-53

Contrasting Cohesion from Stoney Brook Nurseries of Glenn Mills. Pennsylvania.

2017-03-philly-flower-show-65 2017-03-philly-flower-show-67

2017-03-philly-flower-show-64 2017-03-philly-flower-show-60

Spring’s Bounty from Burke Brothers Landscape Design/Build of Windmoore, Pennsylvania.

2017-03-philly-flower-show-74 2017-03-philly-flower-show-77

Composition from J. Downend Landscaping, Inc., of Ridley Park, Pennsylvania.

2017-03-philly-flower-show-82 2017-03-philly-flower-show-85

2017-03-philly-flower-show-88 2017-03-philly-flower-show-100

Stinze from Studio Toop / Carrie Preston of the Netherlands.


2017-03-philly-flower-show-110 2017-03-philly-flower-show-120

2017-03-philly-flower-show-131 2017-03-philly-flower-show-127
De Stijl - The Style from Micheal Petrie’s Handmade Gardens of Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.

2017-03-philly-flower-show-132 2017-03-philly-flower-show-150

2017-03-philly-flower-show-136 2017-03-philly-flower-show-138

Inner Waters from Mark Cook Landscape & Contracting of Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

2017-03-philly-flower-show-174 2017-03-philly-flower-show-155

2017-03-philly-flower-show-158 2017-03-philly-flower-show-168

A Hint of Whimsey from Irwin Landscaping of Hockessin, Delaware.

2017-03-philly-flower-show-196 2017-03-philly-flower-show-204

2017-03-philly-flower-show-199 2017-03-philly-flower-show-189

2017-03-philly-flower-show-191 2017-03-philly-flower-show-202

The Sustainable Roof Garden from Green Architecture by Bart Hoes, the Netherlands.

2017-03-philly-flower-show-266 2017-03-philly-flower-show-261


2017-03-philly-flower-show-271 2017-03-philly-flower-show-258
PEDALS: The White Bike Plan from Schaffer Designs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


2017-03-philly-flower-show-215 2017-03-philly-flower-show-210

2017-03-philly-flower-show-224 2017-03-philly-flower-show-227

2017-03-philly-flower-show-209 2017-03-philly-flower-show-242

2017-03-philly-flower-show-232 2017-03-philly-flower-show-235 2017-03-philly-flower-show-245
The Ecodome.


2017-03-philly-flower-show-311 2017-03-philly-flower-show-309

2017-03-philly-flower-show-301 2017-03-philly-flower-show-287


2017-03-philly-flower-show-315 2017-03-philly-flower-show-278

2017-03-philly-flower-show-290 2017-03-philly-flower-show-299
Culture van Holland from the American Institute of Floral Designers of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Time for an intermission. Get some rest. Get some food.
Believe it or not, there’s still lots more to cover. Lots!