ARTiculture. A few more gardens

It’s another day so time to continue the stroll though a few more of the many, many creative gardens and installations at ARTiculture. At ten acres of delightful displays there’s a lot of ground to cover. Past the biggest, glitziest entries, the smaller efforts, in space but not in dedication and talent, are often put on by amateur groups, colleges, and even High Schools, doing their creative best. These are not amateur efforts by any means.

On the other side of the fence, Subaru of America has been a major sponsor of the Flower Show. I‘m impressed that they put together such a meaningful display around the new hybrid parked on their lot. And also that the inside of their garage is as filled with stuff as most people’s garages are. The garage is even more than it seems, as well. Everything was recycled from the destruction left behind by Hurricane Sandy. Go Subaru Gardens!


pfs-2014-articulture-726 pfs-2014-articulture-720

pfs-2014-articulture-739 pfs-2014-articulture-732

Far top, Vertical Gardens. “Hang It Up” by The Gardners; Above, “A Backyard Battle” by Mercer County Community College Horticulture Program

pfs-2014-articulture-770 pfs-2014-articulture-772


pfs-2014-articulture-773 pfs-2014-articulture-767

pfs-2014-articulture-798 pfs-2014-articulture-768

Above, University of Delaware; Below, “Off the Grid” by the WB Sauk High School of Agricultural Sciences

pfs-2014-articulture-787 pfs-2014-articulture-786


pfs-2014-articulture-660 pfs-2014-articulture-663

Above, “Frog’s: Nature’s Manager” by Horticulture Academy at Abraham Lincoln High School


pfs-2014-articulture-351 pfs-2014-articulture-354

pfs-2014-articulture-361 pfs-2014-articulture-352

Above, “Reclaimed-Repurposed-Renewed - Survivors of he Storm in Artful Recreations (Ode to Mother Nature)” by Leden Palimeno Design for Subaru of America


Sarrvacenia flava

pfs-2014-articulture-368 pfs-2014-articulture-371

Left, L’Art du Jardin Natural (The Art of the Natural Garden” by US EPA Region III; Right, Sarracenia leurcophylla


Rhododendron atlanticum ‘Marydel’

pfs-2014-articulture-386 pfs-2014-articulture-391

Left, “Reflections of Health” by Einstein Healthcare Network; Right, Organic Mechanics Soil Company


pfs-2014-articulture-447 pfs-2014-articulture-438

Above, “The Art of Outdoor Living” by EP Henry


Above and below, “Leaves in a Landscape” by Michael Pebrie’s Handmade Gardens / The Barnes Foundation

pfs-2014-articulture-456 pfs-2014-articulture-461

pfs-2014-articulture-460 pfs-2014-articulture-470


“Garden Inspirations” by the Delaware Valley Fern and Wildflower Society

pfs-2014-articulture-622 pfs-2014-articulture-624

pfs-2014-articulture-627 pfs-2014-articulture-621

Above and below, “Fun with Art in a Children’s Community Garden” by The Camden Children’s Garden


pfs-2014-articulture-665 pfs-2014-articulture-692

pfs-2014-articulture-687 pfs-2014-articulture-667

pfs-2014-articulture-693 pfs-2014-articulture-690

Top left and center right, “Bonsai Living Art” by Rosade Bonsai Studio / National Musum of Bonsai & pending; Center left and bottom right, “A Gardener’s Palette: Rock Garden Plants from Around the Globe” by the North American Rock Garden Society, Delaware Vallery Branch; Top right and bottom left, “Hederart” by the American Ivy Society
Below, Hedera helix ‘Classical Lassie’