Celebrate the Movies! Landscapes

The grand Entrance Garden is spectacular enough but it’s actually the Flower Show’s exceptional cast of exhibitors that makes the annual production such an amazing event. Each year, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society brings together many talented landscapers and designers, not just from the local area, but from all over the world to create displays that delight and astound the more than 250,000 people who amble through this spring extravaganza. Most visitors simply enjoy the welcome break from winter. And it’s a wonderful break. But what isn’t usually appreciated is the enormous skill and experience it takes to coordinate the blooming of so many plants out of season, to present them at their peak as if it were simply a nonchalant stroll in the park. Forget the usual spring bulbs. Or the usual leafy plants, tropical or temperate. Here are witch hazels cavorting with roses. Rhodadendrons with strawberries. Look. Over there. Marigolds and peonies and foxgloves and astilbe and countless other plants abound. When I think about it, it’s simply insane. Yet these magicians manage it all. Lights, Camera, Bloom... It’s off to see the Wizard(s)!


2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-33 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-25

2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-486 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-488
“Into the Woods” by Michael Petrie’s Handmade Gardens. Swathmore, Pennsylvania.
Inspired by the movie
Into the Woods.
Winner of the Philadelphia Horticultural Society’s Silver Medal (Landscape).


2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-45 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-49

2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-46 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-52
“Tarzan” by the Men's Garden Club of Philadelphia, Inc.
Inspired by the movie
Winner of the Philadelphia Horticultural Society’s Silver Medal (Landscape).


2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-76 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-70

2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-67 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-66
“Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” by Jaques Amand International. Middlesex, United Kingdom.
Inspired by the movie
Mary Poppins.
Winner of the Philadelphia Horticultural Society’s Bronze Medal (Landscape).


2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-88 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-93

2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-87 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-100

2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-95 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-90
“The Persian Garden”by Inchscape. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Inspired by the the movie
Prince of Persia.
Winner of the Philadelphia Horticultural Society’s Gold Medal (Landscape);
and the Philadelphia Trophy for Best Use of Color (Landscape).


2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-113 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-159

2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-167 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-117

2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-125 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-120
“Peter Pan in Neverland” by Waldor Orchids. Linwood, New Jersey.
Inspired by the movie
Peter Pan.
Winner of the Philadelphia Horticultural Society’s Silver Medal (Landscape);
The American Orchid Society Show Trophy; The American Orchid Society Show Award;
The SAG ● AFTRA Award for Best Translation of a Motion Picture from Film to Landscape;
and the Special Achievement Award of the Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania (Horticulture).


2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-175 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-177
“Pooh’s Hunny Depot” by Irwin Landscaping. Hockessin, Delaware.
Inspired by the movie
Winnie the Pooh.


2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-191 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-200

2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-204 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-211
“Underwater Adventure” by J. Downend Landscaping, Inc. Crum Lynne, Pennsylvania.
Inspired by the movie
Finding Nemo.
Winner of the Philadelphia Horticultural Society’s Bronze Medal (Landscape).


2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-233 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-235

2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-238 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-241

2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-248 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-257

2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-253 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-254
“Chinese Blossoms” by Stoney Bank Nurseries. Glen Mills, Pennsylvania.
Inspired by the movie
Winner of the Philadelphia Horticultural Society’s Gold Medal (Landscape);
The PHS Council Trophy for the Most Accomplished Display of Forced Plants (Landscape);
and the Kate and Robert Bartlett, Jr. Award for Best Use of Trees (Landscape).


2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-459 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-465

2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-452 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-466
“A Maleficent View” by Leon Kluge Landscape Design. South Africa.
Inspired by the movie Maleficent.
Winner of the PHS’s Philadelphia Flower Show Cup for Best in Show (Landscape);
and the Governor’s Trophy for Innovative or Unique Design.


2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-402 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-413
“Forty Shades of Green” by Tourism Ireland. An official sponsor.
Inspired by the movie
The Quiet Man. Or maybe not...
(Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, by the way!)

Think that’s all, folks? Not at all. Coming up next, ever more gorgeous gardens!