Inside the Longwood Orangery

The dazzling floral displays inside the Main Conservatory of Longwood Gardens’ huge complex of greenhouses change seasonally so any visit is likely to be met with an evolving display, as plants pass bloom and are changed out, or are even with an entirely new experience after a month or two’s time. This visit during the first week of March was a celebration of spring and no exception. Spring tulips and summer lilies blended into tender equatorial treasures and covered the floral spectrum from tropical hot to serene pastel. Located inside the expansive columnaded Orangery at the front of the Main Conservatory, once actually planted with citruses, and over into the Exhibition Hall, Longwood’s seasonal indoor displays always delight. There’s also the annual “Orchid Extravaganza” going on inside the Conservatories until the end of the month. But I’ll skip those right now or I will really be here until the end of the month there are so many scattered about. Not that that’s so bad… but I will have to save some strength for the fabulous fuchsias that happen here every August. Already those plants are backstage being pinched to perfection backstage. Ha ha.


2012-02-longwood-379 2012-02-longwood-376


2012-02-longwood-140 2012-02-longwood-175
Aechmea chantinii ‘Little Harv’; Right, Kohleria ‘Longwood’.

2012-02-longwood-148 2012-02-longwood-170
Acalypha hispida, the chenille plant; Right, Kalamchoe x houghtinii, mother-of-thousands.

Eurphorbia fulgens, Sanchezia speciosa and Kalanchoe blossfeldiana.

2012-02-longwood-313 2012-02-longwood-178
Codeiaem variegatum var. pictum ‘Petra’, croton,
Kalanchoe blossfeldiana; Right, Lilium ‘Conca d’Or’.

2012-02-longwood-302 2012-02-longwood-135
Sanchezia speciosa and Kalanchoe blossfeldiana.
Veltheimia bracteata and Hydrangea macrophylla.

Lilium ‘Mondriaan’.

2012-02-longwood-322 2012-02-longwood-153
Tulipa ‘Annelinde’ and Hydrangea macrophylla ‘White Robe’.

Tulipa ‘Annelinde’ and Hydrangea macrophylla ‘White Robe’.

2012-02-longwood-320 2012-02-longwood-316
Clerodendrum quadriloculare, bronze-leaf clerodendrum.

Clerodenrum quadriloculare, bronze-leaf clerodendrum, with
Narcissus ‘Pink Charm’ and Matthiola incana ‘Figaro Light Rose’, stock.

2012-02-longwood-160 2012-02-longwood-164
Narcissus ‘Pink Charm’; Right, Matthiola incana ‘Figaro Light Rose’,
stock, with
Tulipa ‘Annelinde’ and Hydrangea macrophylla ‘White Robe’.

2012-02-longwood-157 2012-02-longwood-151
Tulipa ‘Annelinde’ and Hydrangea macrophylla ‘White Robe’; Right, Lilium ‘Mondriaan’.

When is red-hot pink?
When it’s
Veltheimia bracteata, the winter red-hot poker, in its pink form.

2012-02-longwood-263 2012-02-longwood-256

2012-02-longwood-207 2012-02-longwood-200
And waiting in the wings… the fuchsias!