Fuchias in the City
Or just this, that and the other.

Don't you just know it. You try to put the garden in order but there are always some things, from somewhere or other, that defy any powers of logic. "Of course I can grow Sequoiadendron giganteum. I'll just keep it in a little pot and bring it in every winter."

When you eventually come to, though, you'll find yourself standing back at home, staring wistfully out into the garden or at the greenhouse or even across the windowsill saying, "OK… Now where do you go?"

But as gardeners, who cultivate the art of ignoring climate and space to high perfection will readily attest, there's always one more corner just waiting for that one more plant. I've managed to herd some of this motley but irresistible assortment of fuchsia facts and links together, and tuck them in here.

Hey, there's room for everybody at Fuchsias in the City.
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