Fuchias in the City
Fuchsia Display Gardens of the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest region of the United States hosts a number of local display gardens and test beds for hardy fuchsias. Some are under the aegis of a larger botanical garden. Others are free-standing. They are all dedicated to the fuchsia and feature significant collections. Their sponsorship—or even their full maintenance—is due to the great effort and hard work of the dedicated members of local fuchsia society branches. Of course, there are a number more than this page currently features. I've only included the gardens I've visited and photographed. You can find a larger list on the Northwest Fuchsia Society's website.  NWFS Display Gardens. I’ll try to identify some of the individual cultivars. However, my intentions are to highlight the fuchsia’s possibilities for your own garden rather than emphasize individual cultivars. Don't neglect to also pop in for a visit to the Botanical Gardens page.  Botanical Gardens. There are some significant fuchsia collections covered there as well.
Bellevue Botanical Garden
Bellevue, Washington

Bellevue Botanical Garden
The Center for Urban Horticulture of the University of Washington Botanic Gardens
Seattle, Washington

Center for Urban Horticulture
Seattle's Chittenden Locks and Carl S. English Jr. Botanical Garden
Seattle, Washington

Chittenden Locks
Country Village
Bothell, Washington

Unfortunately, the charming Country Village is no more. It was bulldozed for yet more apartment complexes to feed Seattle's insatiable real estate market.

Country Village
Highline Botanical Garden
SeaTac, Washington

Highline Botanical Garden
Key Peninsula Civic Center
Vaughn, Washington

Key Peninsula
Kitsap County Fairgrounds
Port Orchard, Washington

Kitsap County Fairgrounds
Lake Wilderness Arboretum
Maple Valley, Washington

Lake Wilderness Arboretum
Oregon Fuchsia Society Display Garden
International Rose Test Garden, Washington Park, Portland, Oregon

While many of the hardy fuchsias are still there, this garden was succeeded by the OFS's hardy fuchsia display beds on the campus o0f Western Seminary, Portland.

Washinton Park, Portland
Skagit Gardens & Washington State University Discovery Garden
Mt. Vernon, Washington

Skagit Gardens
North Olympic Fuchsia Society Display Garden
Sequim, Washington

City of Sequim Gardens
Tahoma Fuchsia Society Hardy Fuchsia Garden
Point Defiance Park, Tacoma, Washington

Point Defiance Park, Tacoma