The summer windowbox. Adieu New York

Over the course of the year, I do four different seasonal arrangements in the window, as well as the four large planters in the garden. Spring, summer, fall and winter. It's the last of its kind since I'll be heading for Portland in October. I'm really pleased….➤ Read More

Pumpkins in the City

We're in the throws of an annual migration. Birds and butterflies, and assorted condo dwellers with second homes in Florida, hurry south to escape the coming cold. But squashes of all sorts are leaving their summer homes in the fields and farms of the region and migrating into the City….➤ Read More

They're big. They're beautiful. They're elephant ears!

Elephant ears, Colocasia esculenta, lives up to its name. It’s leaves are indeed big and floppy—positively brobdingnagian sometimes—and corms from some cultivars...➤ Read More

Ornamental peppers. A fiery fiesta

Ornamental peppers are hot. Literally. These decorative cultivars of Capsicum annuum are increasingly popular in beds and pots, even as house plants. They please with their attractive leaves and cute little blooms and really wow with…➤ Read More

The Camellia House at Planting Fields

Summer is now almost on us here in the City. Certainly the dew point is almost sixty-five degrees this misty morning. That’s a sure sign that our often humid, southern-flavored summers are...➤ Read More