Fuchsiana. Presented with fine shoes

An antique shoebox label with fuchsias. “Presented with fine shoes. H. O’Hara. 72 Canal St. Grand Rapids Mich.” is printed in the lower left corner and “American Fuchsias” in the right. The fuchsias depicted are….➤ Read More

Fuchsiana. Buy your meats at Kennedy's Market

Buy yopu meats at kennedy's Market copy
Fuchsiana. Buy your meats at Kennedy's Market….➤ Read More

Dreams of August

Ever try to respond to a comment on social media and you just can’t find it can’t find it can’t find only to have it eventually dawn on you that it was posted on the competition and….➤ Read More

The Lady with the Fuchsia Corsage

Victorian parlor 1880s detail
The portrait-carte, sometimes portrait carte-de-visite and usually known inaccurately in English as just a carte-de-visite, was a type of photographic visiting card patented by the Parisian photographer, Eugène Disdéri (1819-1889), in 1853. Based on the indispensable visiting cards of the….➤ Read More