ARTiculture. The floral arts

This year’s theme is ARTiculture. Look up the word in the dictionary, you won't find it. Google it, though, and you'll be lead straight to the Philadelphia Flower Show. It’s a unique melding of the world of plants with the world of art. The museum and the garden. The word may be novel but ideas that infuse it really aren’t new to the Flower Show at all. Artistic creativity is as much at home in the garden as it on the canvas. The art of the garden, in fact, has long been part of the show. The art of the flower as well. This is named a flower show, Philly’s exhibition dedicated to the blooms of spring.
From simple pots of tulips to exuberant orchids. From the restrained elegance of the ikebana to the amazing, extravagant flower arrangements that would make even a prince swoon at a party. And the individual masterpieces of horticultural art and skill in the galleries of the Hamilton Horticourt as well. They’ve all been here earning ribbons year after year. These creations may be ephemeral and fleeting in their nature but they’re often no less worthy of a place in the house of the muses than a sculpture in steel or stone. Polyhymnia and her sisters would have certainly gotten it.


pfs-2014-articulture-32 pfs-2014-articulture-30

“Storm King Maquettes” by MODA Botanica / Storm King Art Center


PHS Designer’s Studio

pfs-2014-articulture-169 pfs-2014-articulture-134 pfs-2014-articulture-164

Floral designs. Left, Tony Daniles Volpe; center, Amy Foster, More College of Art & Design; right, Petals Lane

pfs-2014-articulture-172 pfs-2014-articulture-75

pfs-2014-articulture-166 pfs-2014-articulture-77

Floral design. Top left, Joshua Polig; top right, “Global Dancer” by Claire Won Y. Kang; lower left, Julia Callejas; lower right, “Empress” by Sue Weisser and William Murphy Jr


pfs-2014-articulture-82 pfs-2014-articulture-139

Top and above left, “Hangul” by Michael O’Neill
Above right, “Hue” by Bonnie Schorsh and Jean Quinn, Huntington Valley Garden Club


pfs-2014-articulture-256 pfs-2014-articulture-234

pfs-2014-articulture-262 pfs-2014-articulture-257

pfs-2014-articulture-261 pfs-2014-articulture-260 pfs-2014-articulture-258

Above, Store Windows. “The Strokes of Genius” by The Gallagher Group

pfs-2014-articulture-263 pfs-2014-articulture-251

Above, Store Windows. “Seeds of Inspiration” by the Haddenfied Garden Club


pfs-2014-articulture-245 pfs-2014-articulture-247

pfs-2014-articulture-244 pfs-2014-articulture-248

Above, Store Windows. “The Puzzle of Style” by the Garden Club of Wilmington


pfs-2014-articulture-240 pfs-2014-articulture-239

Above, Store Windows. “Boutiques au Musée d’Art” by the Gloucester City Jr-Sr High School Garden Club


Above and below, “Kadinsky’s Canvas” by Schaffer Designs / The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

pfs-2014-articulture-61 pfs-2014-articulture-60

pfs-2014-articulture-59 pfs-2014-articulture-52

pfs-2014-articulture-56 pfs-2014-articulture-63


pfs-2014-articulture-294 pfs-2014-articulture-298 pfs-2014-articulture-318

Above, “Dream Catcher Matrix” by Michael Bruce Florist / Grounds for Sculpture


pfs-2014-articulture-283 pfs-2014-articulture-289

Above, “Out on a Limb” by Flowers by David / Fresh Artists


pfs-2014-articulture-334 pfs-2014-articulture-337

Above and below, “Isamu Noguchi Through the Eyes of Pure Design” by Pure Design / The Noguchi Museum


pfs-2014-articulture-346 pfs-2014-articulture-339 pfs-2014-articulture-341


Above, “Isamu Noguchi Through the Eyes of Pure Design” by Pure Design / The Noguchi Museum


Above and below, “Dancing the Dream” by Robertson’s Flowers & Events / The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery

pfs-2014-articulture-479 pfs-2014-articulture-503

pfs-2014-articulture-490 pfs-2014-articulture-493

pfs-2014-articulture-496 pfs-2014-articulture-498 pfs-2014-articulture-489

pfs-2014-articulture-491 pfs-2014-articulture-501

pfs-2014-articulture-481 pfs-2014-articulture-484


Above, “Dancing the Dream” by Robertson’s Flowers & Events / The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery


pfs-2014-articulture-708 pfs-2014-articulture-707

Above and below, Ikebana by Ikebana International Philadelphia Chapter 71