Christmas in the City

Walking around the City this time of year you can’t help but be struck by the endless variety of Christmas trees. There are the utilitarian and the exquisitely beautiful. The wacky and the...➤ Read More

Down the rabbit hole

It’s late December and Christmas approaches. Rapidly. But I’m still feeling a lot more fallsy than Christmasy. This odd state of suspended animation is due in no small part, I think, to the fact that fall simply refuses to leave. It lingers…➤ Read More

Shuffled Schufia

Judging from the way botanists usually devise new names, you would think that Section Schufia, one of the twelve into which the genus Fuchsia is divided, was named to honor a famous and eminent botanist by the name of...➤ Read More

Summer's daylilies

As the nights lengthen into winter, it’s time to catch up on some summer’s daylilies to liven things up a bit again. These beauties were from a visit to Montreal…➤ Read More

The color fuchsia

Oh, all the fuchsia! One of the major frustrations for anyone who has ever searched for fuchsias on the Internet is the seemingly indiscriminate use of fuchsia to describe brightish-purplish-pinkish hues of pink…➤ Read More

Fuchsias for another year

It’s only the first week of October and tweets from all over arrive in seemingly rapid escalation. Freezes tonight from Missouri to Chicago. Frosts expected already in…➤ Read More

The dawn redwoods of Munnysunk

Born in 1865 in Chatham, a small farming community located in New York’s Columbia County, Frank Bailey had accumulated a substantial fortune by 1911 when he purchased the old farm on the forty-three acres...➤ Read More

A Ramble through Central Park's wild side

What’s a person to do? Spring abounds. Even in the City, it won’t be ignored. Tulips and daffodils burst from tree wells and tumble from rowed water buckets at the corner deli. Fragrant hyacinths spread their heavy scent from…➤ Read More

The fuchsia spotlight. Pink Marshmallow

If you happen to be lucky enough find yourself in sunny southern California on the fuchsia trail—or any gardening trail as a matter of fact—a visit to Weidners’ Nursery in Encinitas…➤ Read More

Spring on the High Line

One of the world’s most creatively recycled urban spaces is New York’s High Line. Built on an old elevated freight rail line on Manhattan’s lower West Side, the High Line...➤ Read More

What's in a name?

As Shakespeare’s Juliet pined to her love, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” The genus Fuchsia was named in honor of Leonard Fuchs...➤ Read More

A winter's walk through the BBG

I was at the Brooklyn Museum a week ago or so to see a closing exhibition one last time and took the opportunity to stroll around the Brooklyn Botanic Garden…➤ Read More

The pencils' progress

About a month ago and a half ago, after the middle of December, I took some cuttings from the Fuchsia regia ssp. reitzii I have growing out in the garden, If you remember...➤ Read More

There's a blizzard in the garden

2011-01-15 01
The old gardening year slipped into the new with a spectacular last hurrah here at Fuchsias in the City. The day after Christmas, a blizzard dumped over twenty inches of snow...➤ Read More