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Hey Officer, can you direct me to Washington Park? Oh…. and the Fuchsietum?
Lost in the City of Fuchsias? Find your way around the website with this handy visitor's guide to the fuchsia's many attractions. There's lots to see and do here. So take your time, explore, and have fun!

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● The Street Guide You're here!
● Hortulus Fuchsiarum Time Portal™
(Under Reconstruction)
Public Gardens in NYC and Area
Pinching and Shaping (coming soon)
Training Special Shapes (coming soon)
Bedding Out in the Garden (coming soon)
Hardy Fuchsias (coming soon)
Growing Fuchsia Species (coming soon)
Fuchsia Cultivars (coming soon)
Fuchsia Timeline (coming soon)
● Fuchsias about Town (Under Reconstruction)
Argentina (coming soon)
The Baltics (coming soon)
Singapore (coming soon)
Fort Borst Park, Centralia (not visited)
Jennings Park, Marysville (not visited)
Manito Park, Spokane (not visited)
Milton Garden, Milton (not visited yet)