The blind wisteria

The Blind Wisteria Thumbmail
What’s (never) flowering at The Fuchsietum? Wisteria sinensis 'Kofuji' (‘Mekura Fuji'). This is a dwarf Chinese wisteria that remains a miniature. Truly miniature. Even the leaves are miniature and have a graceful fern-like effect….➤ Read More

Introducing Fuchsia 'Night Fire'

Very common in nurseries in the Pacific Northwest is this partial reversion of Fuchsia ‘Firecracker’ back to its parent ‘Thalia’. It’s been making the rounds….➤ Read More

Fuchsia Saturday

When the fuchsias fly in! San Juan Capistrano has its swallows that herald the arrival of spring. Around here it’s Fuchsia Saturday at Fred Meyewr….➤ Read More

Fuchsiana. Presented with fine shoes

An antique shoebox label with fuchsias. “Presented with fine shoes. H. O’Hara. 72 Canal St. Grand Rapids Mich.” is printed in the lower left corner and “American Fuchsias” in the right. The fuchsias depicted are….➤ Read More

In the spring a gardener's fancy lightly turns

In the spring a gardener's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of fuchsias. "Help! I love fuchsias. They're my favorite flower. Where can I get seeds or starts?" went a lament just this past week on social media….➤ Read More

Cat or coyote?

IMG_5637 copy
The big question this morning: Cat or coyote? I caught another rat out back. I thought something was up when I noticed the motion-activated light behind the house went on at 5:30 am….➤ Read More

Fuchsiana. Buy your meats at Kennedy's Market

Buy yopu meats at kennedy's Market copy
Fuchsiana. Buy your meats at Kennedy's Market….➤ Read More

2024 Northwest Flower & Garden Festival

Northwest Flower & Garden Festival
Hey Fuchsia Fans! A reminder that I'll be speaking at the upcoming 2024 Northwest Flower & Garden Festival in Seattle….➤ Read More

It's been a heck of a week!

It’s been a heck of a week! copy
It’s been a heck of a week!➤ Read More

The Twelve Days of Christmas 2023

IMG_8775 copy
That’s it! Some fold up the Yuletide festivities early but it ain’t over until the Three Kings sing. So thanks for singing along to the The Twelve Fuchsias of Christmas 2023. Hope you had a joyful holiday season and may your gardens flourish in 2024!➤ Read More