Holland. Flowering the World. Strolling to the finish line

I overheard some people ask, as they were approaching the Flower Show this year, “How long does it take?” “Well”, came the answer, “You can probably see it all in three or four hours. But that’s not counting the marketplace”. That estimate’s possibly true. Honestly, though, I have no idea how people can get through the event at such a breakneck pace. It’s big. Really big. I mean, it almost always takes me two or three days!

OK, I hear what you’re thinking. “Whoa. Not going to that show. Ever!” Before you panic, I’m probably not your average visitor. I mean, I do blog about these things. I tend to take it all in a lot more slowly than the average bear. I wander around. I look at things, take some photos, stare a while, move off, come back, take a few more photos, circle one way and then back the other. Angles are important. I sit. Think. Sip my coffee. Realize I want to check my impressions of something so I’m off again.

At some point I get stamped. Go off to lunch. There are a lot of nice restaurants in the area. Reading Market is fun, too. (Be forewarned: It’s exceptionally crowded a peak times on weekends!) I amble back. Take in some more of the lectures and presentations. I don’t want to miss a thing. This catches my eye, and then that. I come back later to wander around the show with a glass of wine when the crowds have thinned. This is the best innovation of the show from last year. Wine. And beer! What’s not to love. Why hurry off?

You get the point. Which is why it always takes me two or three days. Which is counting the market place. I don’t seem to come away from the vendors without finding a gardening treasure or two. This year it was a handy diamond-embedded file for sharpening serrated blades from the
 Wildflower Seed & Tool Company. Useful for the garden and the kitchen. Who knew. The show’s big. Really big. There’s lots to see. The best thing is that you really can take it all in at your own pace. Focus on what you want. But do see it.


2017-03-philly-flower-show-330 2017-03-philly-flower-show-329

2017-03-philly-flower-show-334 2017-03-philly-flower-show-335


2017-03-philly-flower-show-829 2017-03-philly-flower-show-839
Tablescapes. Top: After the Royal Feast from the Four Counties Garden Club.
Soesttdijk Palace: Bringing Downstairs Upstairs from the Rose Tree Gardeners.


2017-03-philly-flower-show-852 2017-03-philly-flower-show-857

2017-03-philly-flower-show-859 2017-03-philly-flower-show-861

2017-03-philly-flower-show-856 2017-03-philly-flower-show-858
Ikebana from Ikebana International Philadelphia Chapter 71 of Sewell, New Jersey.


2017-03-philly-flower-show-881 2017-03-philly-flower-show-883

2017-03-philly-flower-show-879 2017-03-philly-flower-show-886
The Bulb from Flowers by David of Langhorne, Pennsylvania.

2017-03-philly-flower-show-862 2017-03-philly-flower-show-872

2017-03-philly-flower-show-875 2017-03-philly-flower-show-871

2017-03-philly-flower-show-867 2017-03-philly-flower-show-876

Japan Flowers and Plants Export Association of Osaka, Japan.

2017-03-philly-flower-show-416 2017-03-philly-flower-show-447

2017-03-philly-flower-show-449 2017-03-philly-flower-show-411

2017-03-philly-flower-show-430 2017-03-philly-flower-show-448

2017-03-philly-flower-show-441 2017-03-philly-flower-show-439

2017-03-philly-flower-show-445 2017-03-philly-flower-show-425

Windowsills. Collection of Color. Inspired by the Flower Fields of Holland.

2017-03-philly-flower-show-371 2017-03-philly-flower-show-381

2017-03-philly-flower-show-409 2017-03-philly-flower-show-383

2017-03-philly-flower-show-399 2017-03-philly-flower-show-373

Balconies. Flowers Among Towers from the Heatherwood Retirement Communi Garden Club,
The Art of Horticulture from the Huntingdon Valley Garden Club,
Bali Ha’i from Costello Prep / Pinelands,
Anneke’s New Garden from the Moorsetown Garden Club,


2017-03-philly-flower-show-460 2017-03-philly-flower-show-459 2017-03-philly-flower-show-453

2017-03-philly-flower-show-465 2017-03-philly-flower-show-454
Challenge Class. Impressions: Windmills of the Mind.