After the frost

The fuchsias were brushed by frost a few days ago. Ordinarily this might be the end but I was struck by the faded beauty of the blossoms, muted by the cold with shades of their former selves. Some have taken on almost gem-like translucent tones of amethyst….➤ Read More

The last summer in the City

This is the last summer of the Fuchsias in the City. This City, anyway. Yes, we're leaving Manhattan! And not just to another outer borough. Or Long Island, or up the Hudson, or even across the river to the former Garden State, New Jersey. This move's serious and bi-coastal….➤ Read More

Día de Meurtos & All Saints

A time for remembering. The Fuchsias in City have gone a bit Día de Meurtos for All Saints….➤ Read More

Pumpkins in the City

We're in the throws of an annual migration. Birds and butterflies, and assorted condo dwellers with second homes in Florida, hurry south to escape the coming cold. But squashes of all sorts are leaving their summer homes in the fields and farms of the region and migrating into the City….➤ Read More

Gold in the garden

It’s late fall at Fuchsias in the City and there’s gold in the garden. Sometimes I pine for brilliant flushes of scarlet and orange. Or maybe some deep shimmering hints of burgundy or copper suffusing the leaves. But it’s a small urban garden and I much of what I see…➤ Read More

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from the Fuchsias in the City! Where one dazed balloon awaits its fate in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. As can only be Scene in the City, of course…
➤ Read More

Leaves in the garden

A little more clean-up today. It started out quite a bit raw and chilly, what with the rain we’ve had, but then the skies blossomed into a brilliant periwinkle blue. The potted fuchsias are still outside. Lot’s of blooms opening still. So far there hasn’t been a frost…➤ Read More

The chrysanthemums of Central Park

Run, don’t walk, to Central Park. Right now. No, I’m not talking about jogging, about getting yourself up and out. Though you might well do with another goal if you decide that jogging’s the best way to go. I’m really talking about seeing the annual fall chrysanthemum display. …➤ Read More

Autumn fuchsias

What is fall? Every season I seem to hold a debate. Mostly with myself, I guess, but what is fall really? Is it the meteorologists’ tidy definition? September, October, November. Neatly ordered pigeon holes from the monthly calendar, whether the weather’s ready or…➤ Read More

Getting ready for the cold. And, suddenly, silence

The final cleanup of fall always seems to take me by surprise. Especially when the weather has had that golden crispness that usually settles in sometime during autumn here, when the summer’s heat and humidity have fallen back south. The City comes into its own then...➤ Read More

Now appearing. Hostas take the fall stage

Every year, as the weather cools and the garden’s summer green slowly fades to gold, I’m surprised again and delighted by how fall plays out even in this small urban space. The first performer is my potted purplebloom maple...➤ Read More

Falling leaves. All over the garden

Fall comes slowly to this sheltered garden. When other spots are past their peak, the leaves on the nearby trees seem to equivocate a bit longer here before they finally decide to turn their attention to the coming winter...➤ Read More

A thousand blooms. The art of the chrysanthemum

If you’re like me and go crazy for kiku every fall, one of the best displays is at Longwood Gardens. Don’t dawdle. “The Miracle of a Thousand Blooms” is worth the visit alone...➤ Read More

Scene in the City. The autumnal equinox

The autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere, that fall tipping point into winter when the length of the night already equals the light of the day, usually slides by unnoticed by most. This year...➤ Read More

Fuchsias for another year

It’s only the first week of October and tweets from all over arrive in seemingly rapid escalation. Freezes tonight from Missouri to Chicago. Frosts expected already in…➤ Read More