Merry Christmas!

Despite the sentiments of that classic Let it Snow, the weather outside hasn’t exactly been frightful. It’s been so un-frightful, in fact, that the potted fuchsias are still out there enjoying the extended cool but frost-free fall. All thanks to this year’s El Niño’s efforts at keeping the Evil Polar Vortex…➤ Read More

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from the Fuchsias in the City! Where one dazed balloon awaits its fate in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. As can only be Scene in the City, of course…
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Leaves in the garden

A little more clean-up today. It started out quite a bit raw and chilly, what with the rain we’ve had, but then the skies blossomed into a brilliant periwinkle blue. The potted fuchsias are still outside. Lot’s of blooms opening still. So far there hasn’t been a frost…➤ Read More

The chrysanthemums of Central Park

Run, don’t walk, to Central Park. Right now. No, I’m not talking about jogging, about getting yourself up and out. Though you might well do with another goal if you decide that jogging’s the best way to go. I’m really talking about seeing the annual fall chrysanthemum display. …➤ Read More

Autumn fuchsias

What is fall? Every season I seem to hold a debate. Mostly with myself, I guess, but what is fall really? Is it the meteorologists’ tidy definition? September, October, November. Neatly ordered pigeon holes from the monthly calendar, whether the weather’s ready or…➤ Read More

Eat your fuchsias

You’ve heard it about nasturtiums. Maybe even gotten used to finding marigolds in your salad. But fuchsias? No way! Rest assured. All parts of the fuchsia are completely edible, from the berries to the flowers. Even the leaves, for that matter, if you’re into that…➤ Read More

Ornamental peppers. A fiery fiesta

Ornamental peppers are hot. Literally. These decorative cultivars of Capsicum annuum are increasingly popular in beds and pots, even as house plants. They please with their attractive leaves and cute little blooms and really wow with…➤ Read More

Scene in the City. The first session

Scene in the City has been a recurring series of random pictures and comments tweeted from the streets of New York. It’s been going on for a couple of years now. I’m always walking around. I’m alway taking pictures. And I’m always seeing things. Odd things…➤ Read More

The Great Garden Chore of 2015

OK. The Great Garden Chore of 2015 has been accomplished. I really don’t know why it took so long. It was’t actually even that hard. But it’s one of those things that you look at, sigh, and think, “I really need to do this”. Before you let yourself be distracted…➤ Read More

Celebrate the Movies! Landscapes, the Sequel

Couldn’t make the Spring Flower Show? Not to worry. After a brief intermission, I’m continuing my tour of this year’s theme, Celebrate the Movies!, with more of the major landscapers and designers that provide so much of the color and excitement. There’s actually an enormous amount of...➤ Read More

Celebrate the Movies! Landscapes

The grand Entrance Garden is spectacular enough but it’s actually the Flower Show’s exceptional cast of exhibitors that makes the annual production such an amazing event. Each year, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society brings together many talented landscapers and designers...➤ Read More

Celebrate the Movies! The 2015 Philly Flower Show

This winter has been hard. Did I say really hard? Yup. Really hard. And reallly cold to boot. Hard and cold. The jet stream wasn’t just shuttling in its normal seasonal delights from Central Canada. That pattern usually looses most of its umph after…➤ Read More

The white tide recedes

What a difference a week of vaguely normal weather can make. Temperatures above freezing all last week, a little rain here and there, and the white tide recedes. Good riddance, you miserable Winter of 2015. Hello Spring!➤ Read More

Fuchsia cordifolia. Just for a day.

I know. I know. Fuchsia cordifolia Benth. is really a synonym of Fuchsia splendens Zucc. A couple of botanists got their descriptions crossed and it’s always, “First come, first served”. But it’s the Feast of Saint Valentine today and the old heartleaf fuchsia...➤ Read More

Charles Darwin and the fuchsia

Everybody knows Darwin. The man surely needs no introduction. Charles Robert Darwin (1809-1882) was, of course, the great British naturalist, geologist and biologist best known for his seminal and explosive work, On the Origin of Species in 1859...➤ Read More

The great plunge of January

The really cold part of the winter usually has the good sense to wait until sometime in January before annoying us. Well, right on the heels of the Three Kings, it’s here. Some assorted scenic snowfalls and then The Plunge blew in. Thanks guys. The snow was a nice present but...➤ Read More