Dreams of August

Ever try to respond to a comment on social media and you just can’t find it can’t find it can’t find only to have it eventually dawn on you that it was posted on the competition and….➤ Read More

The summer windowbox. Adieu New York

Over the course of the year, I do four different seasonal arrangements in the window, as well as the four large planters in the garden. Spring, summer, fall and winter. It's the last of its kind since I'll be heading for Portland in October. I'm really pleased….➤ Read More

The fuchsias of August

I’m in love with the greenhouses at Longwood. Have I said that enough? Well, maybe. But let me say it again anyway! I’m in love with the greenhouses at Longwood. Especially in the summer…➤ Read More

Summer starts in the spring

The urban fuchsias live in the City. In a small garden. In a small apartment garden. With no greenhouse and precious little space to overwinter plants indoors, lots of them have to be sacrificed to reality...➤ Read More