The chrysanthemums of Central Park

Run, don’t walk, to Central Park. Right now. No, I’m not talking about jogging, about getting yourself up and out. Though you might well do with another goal if you decide that jogging’s the best way to go. I’m really talking about seeing the annual fall chrysanthemum display. …➤ Read More

Darkness falls so early now

The end of daylight time is only a week past but it seems like much of the world disappeared when the switch was flipped off. Early evening a couple of days ago and Central Park was already mostly abandoned...➤ Read More

The search for spring

It’s been a long, tiresome winter this year. I’m sure you’ve had enough of it as well. Monday afternoon was finally blue and heavenly. 64 degrees in Central Park. I was really feeling spring in the air...➤ Read More

The secret garden of Central Park

Friday. Early evening. A Long Day in the City so thought I’d have a quiet sit in the secret Conservatory Garden in Central Park. Check out the late-summer flowers. Take a few pictures….➤ Read More

Busy as a bride? The secret garden outtakes

Friday. Early evening. The Conservatory Garden in Central Park. Check out the late-summer flowers. Take a few pictures…” But on this particular Friday the garden was buzzing not with bees…➤ Read More

Upon a bank of violets. The Shakespeare Garden

Happy May Day everyone! In the spring, the four-acre Shakespeare Garden in Central Park becomes an absolute floral tapestry, just bursting with color. This landscape dates back to...➤ Read More

A Ramble through Central Park's wild side

What’s a person to do? Spring abounds. Even in the City, it won’t be ignored. Tulips and daffodils burst from tree wells and tumble from rowed water buckets at the corner deli. Fragrant hyacinths spread their heavy scent from…➤ Read More