It's been a heck of a week!

It’s been a heck of a week! copy
It’s been a heck of a week!➤ Read More

Merry Christmas!

Despite the sentiments of that classic Let it Snow, the weather outside hasn’t exactly been frightful. It’s been so un-frightful, in fact, that the potted fuchsias are still out there enjoying the extended cool but frost-free fall. All thanks to this year’s El Niño’s efforts at keeping the Evil Polar Vortex…➤ Read More

Leaves in the garden

A little more clean-up today. It started out quite a bit raw and chilly, what with the rain we’ve had, but then the skies blossomed into a brilliant periwinkle blue. The potted fuchsias are still outside. Lot’s of blooms opening still. So far there hasn’t been a frost…➤ Read More

Autumn fuchsias

What is fall? Every season I seem to hold a debate. Mostly with myself, I guess, but what is fall really? Is it the meteorologists’ tidy definition? September, October, November. Neatly ordered pigeon holes from the monthly calendar, whether the weather’s ready or…➤ Read More

The white tide recedes

What a difference a week of vaguely normal weather can make. Temperatures above freezing all last week, a little rain here and there, and the white tide recedes. Good riddance, you miserable Winter of 2015. Hello Spring!➤ Read More

Fall reflections

2010-11-15 01
You can almost hear sighs of relief as the oppression of the summer’s heat and humidity fades away by the second half of September. It’s a respite that can play itself out...➤ Read More

Get a move on it

2011-12-15 01
It’s finally here. As a gardener, I can procrastinate with the best of ‘em when it comes to putting things ready for the coming winter. Or maybe it’s just a denial of the inevitable. As I think about it...➤ Read More

There's a blizzard in the garden

2011-01-15 01
The old gardening year slipped into the new with a spectacular last hurrah here at Fuchsias in the City. The day after Christmas, a blizzard dumped over twenty inches of snow...➤ Read More