The fuchsias are coming. But will spring be ready?

Since the depths of January, there hasn’t been much new going on outside. It's been basically the same pattern. Freeze. Snow. Freeze. Snow. Freeze. The over-wintering pots of fuchsias are… well… still impatiently over-wintering and...➤ Read More

Prisoners of the snow

The Garden remains encased in snow but my windmill palm seeds finally arrived in the mail. I’ve been coveting Trachycarpus fortunei ‘Wagnerianus’ for a while. This was even my second attempt to get my hands...➤ Read More

Come on, Kwintet, be a good sport

Something funny happened in the garden this morning. No, the squirrels didn’t leave a fruit basket on the back step with knock and a nice note apologizing for having gnawed off the lily buds...➤ Read More

The pencils' progress

About a month ago and a half ago, after the middle of December, I took some cuttings from the Fuchsia regia ssp. reitzii I have growing out in the garden, If you remember...➤ Read More

Of pencils and plants

Despite that freak snowstorm that really walloped the Northeast corner of the United States a few days before Halloween this year, it’s actually been a long, slow slide...➤ Read More