Celebrate the Movies! Landscapes, the Sequel

Couldn’t make the Spring Flower Show? No to worry. After a brief intermission, I’m continuing my tour of this year’s theme, Celebrate the Movies!, with more of the major landscapers and designers that provide so much of the color and excitement. There’s actually an enormous amount of territory to cover so put on your hiking shoes if you’re tagging along. I’m not kidding. I’ve managed a good number of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s annual shows and even I’m astonished at how much has been packed into the Convention Center this year. You can rest at the end of the blog... before we’re off for even more! After today, it’s the floral designers. There’s a little taste of that way down below. Wha ha ha. First up, a trip though the wardrobe into Eternal Winter (as if it isn’t cold enough outside already) for one of the more thoughtful and well-articulated landscapes on exhibit in 2015 by the United Kingdom’s Paul Hervey-Brookes & Associates. Well flocked by the crew, too.


2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-624 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-622

2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-631 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-632


2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-642 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-619

2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-639 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-591
“Narnia” by Paul Hervey-Brookes and Associates. United Kingdom.
Inspired by the
Movie The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
Winner of the Philadelphia Horticultural Society’s Gold Medal (Landscape).


2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-712 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-705

2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-703 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-718
“Let’s Get Together” by Hunter Hayes Design. Ardmore Pennsylvania.
Inspired by the movie
The Parent Trap.
Winner of the Philadelphia Horticultural Society’s Silver Medal (Landscape).


2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-687 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-672

2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-676 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-668

2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-654 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-659
“Guess the Movie” by Jim Fogarty Design. Victoria, Australia.
The winner of this contest was announced on March 9. The exhibition was inspire by the movie Mad Max.
Winner of the Philadelphia Horticultural Society’s Gold Medal (Landscape).


2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-549 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-553

2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-552 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-535

2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-534 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-528

2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-1973 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-1683

2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-526 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-524

2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-523 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-522
“Root 66” by Burke Brothers Landscape Design/Build. Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania.
Inspired by the movie
Winner of the Philadelphia Horticultural Society’s Silver Medal (Landscape).


2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-563 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-571

2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-568 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-567
“Close Quarters” by Mark Cook Landscape & Contracting. Doylestown, Pennsylvania.
Inspired by the movie
Pirates of the Caribbean.
Winner of the Philadelphia Horticultural Society’s Bronze Medal (Landscape).


2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-1407 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-1410

2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-1399 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-1389

2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-1377 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-1387


2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-1371 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-1403

2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-1887 2015-03-Philly-Flower-Show-1370
“The Nightmare Before Christmas” by Schafer Designs.
Inspired by the movie
The Nightmare Before Christmas.
Winner of the Phyllis M. Craig Award for Best Use of Color/Design (Floral)