More heraldry of the fuchsia. The Isle of Man

Perhaps the most significant heraldic fuchsia grows on the Isle of Man. In the tradition of the great plant badges of the British Isles, such the rose of England or the thistle of Scotland, the fuchsia of hedges and cottages is now widely regarded a Manx symbol.

The association with Man is quickly evident to anyone who has visited: Fuchsia magellanica hybrids are planted and naturalized all over. Wild fuchsias, of course, are also exceptionally prevalent in Ireland but the trefoil, or shamrock, got there first. A lucky Man for that.

In 1984 and 1985, a fuchsia blossomed on the reverse side of the half penny in sets of the commemorative coinage for which Man is known. Despite being set on a shield, though, this fuchsia on a half penny is still not a proper coat of arms, but a floral badge.

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(Illustration: 1. Fuchsia blossom on a shield. Reverse of a half penny of the Isle of Man, 1984.)