Festive sidewalks

I walk to work. I mean, I could take a bus if I really wanted to. But I don’t. There’s no point to cramming myself into one at rush hour when I can just walk the same route almost as quickly as a city bus can inch along it. Even if it’s raining. In the City, it’s a very lucky break to not have to. And walking I get to see more things than the back of someone’s newspaper as I’m dodging the folding, looking longingly at his seat. I see things. Animal. Vegetable. Mineral. Many things. Sometimes odd things, to be sure. But I do see things. Even if I did get a seat, it sure beats having to stare at the back of someone’s... well... um... backside, anticipating a major dodge as it looms ever closer before me.

This time of year, one of the pleasures of walking through my neighborhood are the seasonal holiday decorations that pop up on the sidewalks along the way. Not just the lobbies of apartment buildings or the stoops of brownstones, but the actual sidewalks themselves are often gussied up for the holidays. I’m talking about the tree wells. These are the cuts in the sidewalk along the curbside into which our many urban trees are planted. Good number of trees here and the tree wells often quite elaborately done up by owners. Well, maybe not that one in front of Scrooge House but Ebenezer will get another chance at the spirit of the season. Happy Christmas present!

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