A winter's walk through the BBG

I was at the Brooklyn Museum a week ago or so, to see a closing exhibition one last time, and took the opportunity for a winter’s walk through the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. In case you don’t know the area, this botanical garden is located directly behind the museum. Winter’s one of my favorite times fro strolling around any garden as the lack of leaves gives a special clarity to structure. And you usually have the place all to yourself! Unfortunately the weather took a turn for the raw as a piercing, sharp wind picked up just as we got there. Fortunately, though, I had checked the weather reports and came bundled up. And, of course, there’s always the series of greenhouses for a warm-up pit stop and a hot coffee.

The walk to the greenhouses.

The stinking hellebores are in bloom again…

Getting closer to the warmth of the greenhouses.
These reflecting pools are filled with waterlilies in the summer.

Japanese forest grass wraps around the crape myrtles like a warm fuzzy collar.
(Can you tell I’m feeling sooo cold?)

A painter in the desert house.

Inside, a exhibition of airy sculptures by Jae Hi Ahn swim in the light wells and dazzle on the walls.

The warm temperate house. Fuchsia triphylla was once growing here but sadly
it’s no longer around. I mean, it should be. It’s a New York thing. Remember the Hoggs!?

Yellow bamboo just inside the greenhouse entrance. ‘Alphonse Karr’?

In the monocot garden, a palmetto is protected from
harsh cold winds by evergreen branches and burlap.

The side of this path will be filled with expansive stretches of wood hyacinths.
Soon. Very soon, I hope.

In the winter, the arch in the Japanese Garden’s pond is especially bright and prominent.

The leaves on this Daphniphyllum fold back in the cold to reveal red stems.
The effect looked almost like colorful flower petals even from a short distance.

Oh, and you’ve got to stop for lunch or dinner at the Dao Palate on the way in or out. It’s just a bit down the road on Flatbush Avenue and serves up creative vegan-style dishes like you’ve never had them before. Guaranteed!