Leaves in the garden

A little more clean-up today. It started out quite a bit raw and chilly, what with the rain we’ve had, but then the skies blossomed into a brilliant periwinkle blue. The potted fuchsias are still outside. Lot’s of blooms opening still. So far there hasn’t been a frost to force me to bring them into the apartment, when I’m also confronted with the hard choices which ones stay and which ones go. Not even really the hint of a frost yet. I think the thermometer did slip to 39° Fahrenheit (4° C) in October one night. That’s been it. Nothing forecast for the next fifteen days either. Not at all unusual. The fuchsias are loving this weather.

Fall’s rapidly passing its peak on the streets Manhattan and over the garden. The leaves have slowed down their dropping. Considerably since I was talking about it couple of weeks ago.
So today I hazarded sweeping them off the paths and off the patio. Shaking them off the plants and cleaning them off the tops of the pots. Most I’ll just leave in place until the great spring clean up. Good for the worms. Good for the soil, They give some needed cover and protection from the frosts. Sweep, sweep, sweep, off the paths they go, the dead leaves. My mind skipping back again a couple of weeks when I was bemoaning my borrowed autumn views lacking serious fall scarlets and oranges. I somehow started an inventory of just what I was sweeping off.

And here it is. There’s no attempt to fluff out the accounting with the prettiest and the best. This is just as many unique individuals I could see with a simple glance. I thought, “Lots of dull brown here, isn’t there?” In defense of my fall leaves, it is late. The brightest tones are faded away. Some plants are still fully green. They’ll go soon enough. They didn’t make the fall cut this week. I took a group portrait and then it struck me. Who needs crimson leaves? I have fuchsias and they do that part exceptionally well. There is a palette here and it’s not half bad.


leaves-in-the-garden-1 leaves-in-the-garden-59


leaves-in-the-garden-3 leaves-in-the-garden-4

leaves-in-the-garden-5 leaves-in-the-garden-7

leaves-in-the-garden-80 leaves-in-the-garden-73

leaves-in-the-garden-8 leaves-in-the-garden-10

leaves-in-the-garden-11 leaves-in-the-garden-12

leaves-in-the-garden-13 leaves-in-the-garden-15

leaves-in-the-garden-16 leaves-in-the-garden-17


leaves-in-the-garden-18 leaves-in-the-garden-20

leaves-in-the-garden-75 leaves-in-the-garden-82

leaves-in-the-garden-21 leaves-in-the-garden-60

leaves-in-the-garden-43 leaves-in-the-garden-27

leaves-in-the-garden-28 leaves-in-the-garden-30