Scene in the City. The first session

Scene in the City has been a recurring series of random pictures I’ve been tweeting from the streets of New York. It’s been going on for a couple of years now. I’m always walking. I’m alway taking pictures. And I’m always seeing things. Odd things. Or funny ones. You know, just normal life in the City. I’m not even sure how it started. Maybe I was thinking “Overheard in New York” and thought that a lot of what’s amusing is really visual. And not just the people talking That’s the easy part. People can speak for themselves. The streets? Not so much.

Most of the photos are just taken with my iPhone. I do cart a better camera around. Early on I took most of the shots that way. But I find it’s just easier to whip the iPhone out of my pocket, as I’m walking along, than it is to have to stop and dig around for the better camera in my shoulder bag and loose the moment. Mine mostly. Besides, these Scenes weren’t ever supposed to be for anything but a quick tweet. A few adjustments with Aviary and off they go into the Twitterverse.

Then somebody just said, “Oh, where do I buy the complete collection?” And I said, “Oh? On Twitter.” Yeah, Twitter… Twitter, of course, is utterly ephemeral. Tweet it and it’s gone. Sort of like the canary I had as a kid. Somehow the door slipped open. I still hope it wasn’t me. A couple of happy tweets and out the also-open window he went. Harry didn’t come back. God, I was kind of naive. I imagined that he’d found a new home in the park. Or maybe made it back to the Canaries. I hope he had a nice summer, at least.

So starting off on May Day, the tweets are here and it’s a continuous Scene in the City!

Scene in the City. A pop-up garden? How about a pop-up garden center?
Hudson near Canal.

Scene in the City. They're here! Like swallows to Capistrano,
the first fuchsia baskets arrive for sale on sidewalks.

Scene in the City. Seasonal Affective Disorder.
Notice the suffering once & it seems to pop up all over!

Scene in the City. The tulips of Park Avenue.

Scene in the City. Prisoners of SAD.

Scene in the City. May 11. More Seasonal Affective Disorder.
This is becoming an odd trend.

Scene in the City. May 8th. A really severe case of seasonal affective disorder.

Scene in the City. The Fuchsias of Park Avenue.
Reality series currently on hiatus as it's summer in the Hamptons.

Scene in the City. When lions lose their pride.

Scene in the City. Oh boy. There is way too much pollen on everything this year. Cough, cough.

Scene in the City. Oh what a tangled web we weave...
when trying to keep the flowers from being used as dog runs.

Scene in the City. Getting kids to school. One way or another.

Scene in the City. Blue hydrangeas in captivity.

Scene in the City. Flex Mussels and 'Firecracker' Fuchsias.

Scene in the City. Difficult conditions in your garden? Try hostas.

Scene in the City. Block party!
Fuchsia 'Gartenmeister Bonstedt' & friends whoop it up on a Friday night.

Scene in the City. Unusual tunneling in sidewalk tree well.
Wonder what lost its way in the big city?

Scene in the City. From the labs of Dr. Moreau, an orchid hosta.
Or maybe hosta orchid? Need to peek under the leaves.

Scene in the City. The Golden Locust, a sidewalk shadow play (Gleditsja triancanthos).

Scene in the City. Celebrations. Pride. The Wild Man of the Forest.

Scene in the City. Apparently, it’s over.

Scene in the City. Farming Park Avenue style. The begonia crop is in.

Scene in the City. There seems to be a reason these hostas are caged.

Scene in the City. A remembrance of things past.

Scene in the City. Highly unusual combo. Plane tree sprouts, zinnias & smartweed.
NY NY, if you can make it there....

Scene in the City. A ginkgo hellbent on starting its own forest.

Scene in the City. Hibiscus syriacus. 16th c intro to Europe for tea.
Thought tender for 100 yrs so only grown potted.

Scene in the City. Lonely lilies.

Scene in the City. Smart car. Smart ladder.

Scene in the City. Ghost trees.

Scene in the City. Xeriscaping.

Scene in the City. Florists, putting lysergide into your flower water does not improve the experience.

Scene in the City. Hey Pop, I wanna be a fireman just like you when I grow up.

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