The Great Garden Chore of 2015

OK. The Great Garden Chore of 2015 has been accomplished. I really don’t know why it took so long. It was’t actually even that hard. But it’s one of those things that you look at, sigh, and think, “I really need to do this”. Before you let yourself be distracted by something else. Anything else. I’d look at it and say, “Oh, gosh. Gotta cut the dead twigs from inside the Tsuga. They’re really noticeable right now. Like awful nose hairs or something. Ick”. You get the picture.

So what’s the big deal non-deal? I had to replace my large ceramic planter that had become winter-kill. In my defense I did really like it. Which was, of course, why I bought it in the first place. It was glazed in a cheery bright blue and had an elegant taper, with flutes. Sort of like the shaft of a Greek column. Classical class! In early March, when I first noticed the nice long vertical crack my pot had developed , from top to bottom, I thought, “Well, I’ll just turn its crack to the wall”. Problem solved. That’s when I discovered the planter actually had two cracks, from top to bottom, about ten inches apart. Damn.

So, for the next three or four months I’ve dithered while the planter has sat, its two cracks turned modestly to the wall. And done nothing. Further to my defense, it was heavy. Solid glazed ceramic. Well, not so solid as it turned out, I suppose. But it was also set about three feet in and a foot up in a corner of the raised bed at the back of the garden, surrounded by plants. Not conveniently sitting on a patio. Did I say it was also heavy? Yeah, heavy. And full of heavy dirt as well.

Today I buckled down, shed a tear or two, and finally pulled it out. The back had fallen away so I really didn’t have many excuses left. The small, cohabited trees came out first. A Fagus sylvatica ‘Asplenifolia’ and the aforementioned Canadian hemlock, the Tsuga with the dead twigs.
You can see why I was distracted. There were a few underplants to be removed, too. A couple of weeks back, I’d even found the perfect replacement. An attractive faux-granite planter made from recycled plastic right in the US. Triple home run. How cool is that? And I got to some more of my faux-peat as well. Save the bogs!

See, that wasn’t so hard, was it? Now, on to another Great Garden Chore. Finding place for the six hostas to which I couldn’t say no. Maybe seven hostas. OK. Eight. But who’s counting, all right? Hostas are hardy to Zone 3 and will come out skipping in the spring sunshine if I don’t get around to it until March.










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