Busy as a bride? The secret garden outtakes

Friday. Early evening. A Long Day in the City so I thought I’d have a quiet sit in the Conservatory Garden in Central Park. Check out the late-summer flowers. Take a few pictures. Maybe with some bees …” And normally I would’ve easily done all that and more. I got some photos. But on this particular Friday the garden was buzzing less with bees than with brides. Brides? Yes, brides. Brides waiting to be married. Brides waiting to be photographed. Brides upon brides. I mean swarms of brides, with more arriving by the moment. By the time I left, the wait on the bridal path inside the Vanderbilt Gate rivaled the one for Sunday brunch at an Olive Garden. Usually it’s very quiet in the Secret Garden. Honest. Just gotta make sure to check the bridal departure schedule before wandering in next time, I guess. I wonder if there’s an app for that?


conservatory-garden-59 conservatory-garden-68


conservatory-garden-74 conservatory-garden-73


conservatory-garden-45 conservatory-garden-46


conservatory-garden-80 conservatory-garden-83


conservatory-garden-44 conservatory-garden-50


conservatory-garden-75 conservatory-garden-76

conservatory-garden-87 conservatory-garden-77


conservatory-garden-65 conservatory-garden-39