Saint Fiacre

St Fiacre is a 7th c. Irish hermit and holy man who moved to Breuil, France (now called Saint-Fiacre) to escape the bothersome crowds increasingly drawn to him.

Still popular there for his ways with healing infirmities, he gave up most of his solitude to establish a hermitage with a hospice for travelers, and oratory for the Virgin Mary, and kept a garden of herbs and vegetables that he arduously worked himself.

Fiacre's veneration kept growing during the Middle Ages and he’s now the patron saint of gardeners. Besides gardeners in general, he is the patron of the growers of vegetables and medicinal plants, as well as ploughboys You can recognize his depiction in art and by his two attributes—he holds a bible in one hand and with the other he leans on the handle of shovel.

Interestingly, Fiacre is invoked for hemorrhoids and fistulas, among other medical ailments, due to his healing abilities, The infamous Cardinal Richelieu was one well-known sufferer who visited his relics in the hope of easing his malady.

Fiacre's sometimes called into service as the patron of taxi cab drivers from the stationing of hired carriages called "fiacres" by the Hôtel de Saint-Fiacre in Paris from about 1650. Those saintly duties haven't had any official recognition.

Saint Fiacre's feast is often celebrated today on September 1st. He is also alternately commemorated on August 30th.

Saint Fiacre.