Keeping winter at bay with orchids

As winter storm Harper spread snow, ice and rain throughout the Northeast, the orchids were standing tough. Well, inside Rutgers University's Douglass Student Center in New Brunswick, NJ anyway.

It's the North Jersey Orchid Society's
 annual show and sale this weekend. And Harper, luckily, tracked much further north than was originally forecast. A few flurries were attempted but was mostly rain in this area and south.

So the orchids were not only on display, they were accessible. Rain or snow, a nice colorful treat to lift the sagging spirits for anyone suffering from the midwinter, post-holiday blues and grays. Which is most everyone right, I'd think.

Not just bright delights for the eyes, there's a bit of aromatherapy action for the nose as well. Sweet scents waft about the hall from a number of orchids on display.

Of course with so many beautiful blooms, there are so many temptations. You will want a few for your own. No worries. Besides the show, with ribbons awarded to many of the plants, this annual event is also a sale. I'll confess, six li'l uns got me to take them home for the plant lights.

There are almost a dozen growers here.

 Andy's Orchids, arriving all the way from Encinitas, California with their selections of mounted plants, to  Marlow Orchids, specialists in species orchids, including Bulbophyllum, Dendrobium, Paphs, Phrags, Vandaeous, and others, located upstate near Rochester, New York, to  J&L Orchids, from nearerby in Eastern Connecticut offering lots of minis.

And these are just the growers with the plants that got me this time. There are more.

Need supplies, too? No worries there either. Vendor's like
 Kelley’s Korner Orchid Supplies had you covered at the sale.

1. Cymbidium Robin 'Freckles", 2, C. Breaufort 'Elmwood', 4. Zygopetalum Conway's Choice,
5. Paphiopedilum, 6. Vuylstekeana Melissa Brianne, 7. Paphiopedilum.

1. Cymbidium tracyanum, 2. Isabella 'Lunar Eclipese',
4. Paphiodalum venustrym album 'J&L', 5. Dendrobium spectabile.

1. Angraecum sesquipedale, 2. Rhyncholaeliocattleya Kozo's Scarlet 'Vi-Emy',
4. Den. Elegant Heart, 5. C. Beaufort "Elmwood".

1. Dendrochilum cootessii, 2. Brassivola Little Stars 'Yatsuji', 3.Kelly's Korner Orchids, 4. Pahiopedlum wardii,
5. Dendrochilum formosianum, 7. Lic. macrobulbon, 8. Dinema polylbon, 9. Dendrobium subuliferum.

1. B.Little Stars 'Yatsugi', 2. Isabella 'Lunar Eclipse', 3. Rth. Magic 'Early Decision' Joy HHC,
4. Masdevallia polysticta, 5. Max. costarisensis 'Different', 6. Coelogne huttneriana var. lutea.

1. Dendrochilum cootessii, 2. J&L Orchids, 4. Gbt. Hilo Ablaze 'Hilo Gold',
5. Paph. Mustafa's Bueno Moon, 6. Din. polybulbon, 7. Marlow's Orchids,
8. Paph. superbiens, leaf detail, 11. Andy's Orchids,12. Phal. Little Gem Stripes "M".