Ghouls are about the streets

Over the last couple of weeks, as fall has been slowly turning down the heat, I’ve become increasingly aware that something else is turning up. First the pumpkins and mums, harbingers of the season, started lending their autumnal cheeriness to the steps and stoops of the neighborhood. Then there was an interesting increase in cobwebs. Usually a good fall cleaning takes care of that accumulation. But these seemed different. And odd. All over the front of the buildings. Heavily all over the front of the buildings, in fact. Then the huge spiders showed themselves. Of course, huge spiders produce huge cobwebs! And the dancing skeletons. As well as the witches, ghosts, ghouls, goblins and other assorted denizens from the depths of darkness. Oh, did I mention the hordes of bats, rats and piles of skulls? Anyway... I’m really not too worried. I laid in a five-pound bag of garlic at the annual Garlic Festival in Bennington, Vermont this past Labor Day. It’s 100% organic and very healthy. Except to the ghouls about the streets. So bring on those flesh-eating zombies!


halloween-2013-12 halloween-2013-1

halloween-2013-23 halloween-2013-46

This is just what happens when you’ve been waiting too long for a cab. Day of the Dead indeed.

People often come to the City to make it there. I think this one got her just deserts. Wha ha ha.

halloween-2013-48 halloween-2013-51

Truly, I’m not so sure I’d like their party. There are simple hauntings. Then there’s the stuff of nightmares. Hide the horses here. Really.

halloween-2013-45 halloween-2013-27 halloween-2013-22
A little further on, even the tribbles are getting into the true spirit of trouble. Put on some spiderweb stockings and BOO! They’re so cute. I mean... I mean... Umm... What’s that shadow?

halloween-2013-28 halloween-2013-31

This has got to be my favorite infestation of evil spiders from the depths of hell. Might be too late for the inhabitants, though. They probably should have called in an exterminator a bit earlier. Some things just shouldn’t be put off too long this time of year. Procrastination does’t pay.

Odd that the terrifying screams are coming from next door, though. Oooo. Figure that one out!

Nice digs. Decor: Very elegant and understated.

Not so sure about that butler. Or the chain-rattling host of death. Or those glowy-eyed, blood-sucking vampire bats intent on dive-bombing my neck. Moving on then.

halloween-2013-66 halloween-2013-67
You know, I think I need something to calm my nerves. Nice Irish bar. Nice Irish whiskey. And those wacky Celts did unleash this all. I wonder if they’re open yet? Hard to see inside, though. Past the cobwebs. More infernal cobwebs...

Waaahhh! Scary clown! RUN!