Fuchsia Facts

I started #FuchsiasFacts for a bit of fuchsia fun on Twitter.

It was a little hard to reduce the text down to Twitter’s old 144-character limit without leaving some, if not most, of the fuchsia fun behind. Twitter’s new standard of 280 characters is not a lot better.

Something had to be done.

There’s a new graphic format for a more consistent look, along with space for more meaningful text.

For those of you who don’t use Twitter, I post them to my Facebook page. Visit them here on the Urban Fuchsias+Blog because all the fun #FuchsiaFacts are now here as well.

Start with a new #FuchsiaFact every Monday on Twitter or Facebook. On the blog, you’ll find #FuchsiasFacts in a handy collector’s pack every couple of months or so.

Save 'em. Collect 'em. Trade 'em with your friends. Fun, fun, fun with fuchsias! So enjoy!

Fuchsia Facts 001

Fuchsia Facts 002

Fuchsia Facts 003

Fuchsia Facts 004

Fuchsia Facts 006