The Fuchsietum—A Documentary

The Fuchsietum—A Documentary 03
If you've been following along on social media for the last year, you're probably aware that I've been working on a new design for the garden. When we moved into This Old House on December 1, 2019, the garden left a bit to be desired. It wasn't me and there was way too much planting space wasted on the lawn. I've been calling the project my Evil Master Plan & Garden Makeover.

Phase I was a new patio and driveway last August. There were serious issues of bad drainage and slippery bricks on the old patio that came with the house. And the driveway was cracking away. Everything had to be ripped out and redone. For various reasons, that work dragged out from the three weeks that had been forecast to seven weeks. But it was finally finished in September.

The Fuchsietum—A Documentary 02
At the same time we were working with a landscaper to develop a new plan for the rest of the garden. That wonderful team work was in hand by August as well. I had been hoping that Phase II would be off and running immediately but, of course, the Pandemic.

When that ill wind blew in everyone ended up sitting around the house and, of course again, that resulted in a huge surge of "Let's fix up the yard!" if we're going to be locked up here. Company's have been busy. All the landscapers were backed up. So Phase II of the Evil Master Pan & Garden Makeover has been sitting in the parking lot waiting it turn.

Finally the log jam has broken. The landscaper’s media SWAT team came by today to shoot some "before" footage for the upcoming Evil Master Pan & Garden Makeover. Apparently there will be “The Fuchsietum—A Documentary” for this project. And, yes, that is the actual Evil Master Plan that's been lying in wait since last August on the ground next to the drone!

The Fuchsietum—A Documentary 01