Fuchias in the City
The urban fuchsias of gardens past in Manhattan
The Hortulus Fuchsiarum Time Portal™

As I said before, gardens evolve. They change. They’re never the same from season to season. Nor from year to year. Of course that's their nature and their essence. Unless you landed directly on this page through some wild goggle chase, you probably started your visit in the heady days of 2019.

The garden may be small, but there are annual thrills and chills across the seasons even here. Those first fuchsias of the season. The malodorous flowering of the Dracunculus, which falsely arrived as an Arum italicum. The excruciating yearly invasions of the hoary caterpillars that have taken up posts in the neighboring silver maples and the ultimate woody weeds, so-called Trees of Heaven. Hurricanes. Killer heat waves. Freak snow storms. Annual flourishes of toad lilies and cyclamen among the falling leaves. First frosts! They're all still here.

To get back to earlier days, just re-enter the Hortulus Fuchsiarum Time Portal™ below and back to the present. Or is it forward? Or maybe back forward again? Well, you're sure to get there any which way you approach it, I guess. Even if you travel in your own Tardis.